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Unhappy Moving Home-Directory to a different Volume - 06-21-2010, 12:32 PM


I'm running OSX 10.6.3 (besides Win7 and Linux in Tripple-Boot).

As my OSX Root-Volume grew full, i formated a spare partition with HFS+ and labled it "DATA".

It got mounted at "/Volumes/DATA" automatically.
I copied the contents of my home directory from "/Users/nomike/" to "/Volumes/DATA/Users/nomike/"

Then I opened "Systempreferences - Users - Advanced" and changed my Homedir to "/Volumes/DATA/Users/nomike/".

It asked me to reboot.

After rebooting and logging in, I was presented with an empty Desktop with default settings. The new Volume ("disk0s6") was now mounted as "/Volumes/DATA 1". I changed my user account back again to let the homedirectory be "/Users/nomike/" and needed to reboot again.

After logging in to my account I looked at a terminal. My Volume was mounted as "/Volumes/DATA/" again.

After looking around a bit on the Internet, I found out how to automatically mount my Volume to "/DATA/" by making an entry with the Volume-ID in "/etc/fstab". A quick reboot to look if it's working, and yes, it got mounted as "/DATA/".

Happily I opend the Users-Preferences and changed my Homedirectory to "/DATA/Users/nomike/". A quick reboot and...

Now that DAMN OSX mounts my Volume as "/Volumes/DATA/" again! @$§%$&%"!!!

No matter where I mount the Volume and regardless of how (automatically, "fstab"-entry with ID, "fstab"-entry with device node), at first hand it works, but as soon as I point my Homedirectory to be on that Volume, OSX mounts it somewhere else.

Is it really trying to fragg me?

I think during boot OSX somehow "claims" my home directory and after that tries to mount the Volume. As the directory is "claimed" now and not free, it does not mount the Volume there but takes the next fallback.

Any Ideas?


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