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itry2hyde itry2hyde is offline
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Default 06-19-2010, 03:45 PM

UPDATE: Typed recovery=y, keyboard won't work
Still no quartz and no sound

Questions - why do I end up with 2 dsdt.aml's? • What is the difference between Recovery mode and safe mode?

FYI, USB keyboard works in recovery mode

10v Atom 280 1 Gb ram 160 Gb HD NBI 0.8.4 RC1 SL 10.6.4 Windows XP Home
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JnC JnC is offline
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Default 06-19-2010, 03:58 PM

Originally Posted by charley View Post
Read the first post in this thread and follow the instructions to press SHIFT during boot and type recovery=y then run the NBI from post #67.
Just to be clear here, we should simply use the directions in ***Update from (#1) post edited on June 19?
This supersedes meklort's June 17 directions on his blog NetbookInstaller + 10.6.4 Meklort's Blog. and referenced in the post (#143) quoted above?

We do NOT any longer have to, in meklort's words "please boot with recovery=y and run the fixed up version below "

I just want to do the update and get it right.
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nobo_mini nobo_mini is offline
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Default 06-19-2010, 08:15 PM

Nothing really new to add. Updated successfully, with everything appearing to work properly, using the following steps:
  1. Downloaded new NBI from and ran it.
  2. Downloaded from Apple website and installed 10.6.4 non-combo update. DID NOT CLICK REBOOT.
  3. Reran the new NBI.
  4. Clicked Reboot on update.

Like I said, so far, so good: sleep, battery meter, audio all working.

Mini 9 | OS X 10.6.7 | 2GB | 16GB STEC | .3Mp | No BT |
BIOS A05 | USB Legacy: ON | USB Wake: OFF | Bluetooth: OFF | NBI .8.4 RC1.1 (20100616212351)
Sleep: Working | Speakers: Working | Headphone Jack: Working
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VBBlueeyes VBBlueeyes is offline
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Default From this day forward? - 06-19-2010, 08:16 PM

Am I to understand that the Meklort Patch from #67 is the latest NBI, and we should be using that from now on?
OR - is this NBI patched just for installing 10,6,4?
Reason for asking is because I saw a post where someone used the #67 and then RC1. Gets kind of confusing for one of the boyz in the band in the back of the bus.
Thanks to all for making this the best forum of knowledge on the net.
VB Blue

Ran #67
Ran repair permissions
Ran update from Apple download
Rebooted - NBI took about 10 minutes
Reran repair permissions
rebooted to make sure
All, repeat, All is functioning as with 10.6.3
Thanks Meklort, and all those who went before me.
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internettime internettime is offline
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Default 06-19-2010, 08:30 PM

Dell mini 9 with 10.6.3

I downloaded the update from Apple Downloads (not the combo not Software Update), installed it.
I downloaded, installed it, ran it.
while starting up, (10 minutes aprox) Kernel Panic.
Turned it off, then on, pressed shift, typed recovery=y
the computer started without extensions
I ran
Enjoyed. Dell mini 9 with 10.6.4
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moshymoshy moshymoshy is offline
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Default 06-19-2010, 09:25 PM

Dell Mini 10v with 10.6.3 and NBI 0.8.4 RC1

Allowed the software update to run (10.6.4 update and iTunes 9.2), but chose not to reboot.

Went to /S/L/E and deleted all the GeForce and ATI stuff.


NBI did its thing, which took ages, and booted into 10.6.4 but with no audio.

Deleted the GeForce and ATI stuff again out of /S/L/E and ran NBI 0.8.4 RC1 again.

Rebooted and audio came back. Everything seems fine. Didn't have to use that interim hack build of NBI at all...
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ottawadave ottawadave is offline
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Default 06-19-2010, 10:17 PM

Dell Mini 10v with 10.6.3 and latest patched NBI (NetbookInstaller 20100616212351)
Ran NBI and rebooted. Installed 10.6.4 update all all went well.
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maddog maddog is offline
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Default 06-19-2010, 10:27 PM

I have downloaded and installed 10.6.4 successfully.
I moved the GeForce and ATI extensions from S/L/E to /Extra.bak/
Restarted and no sound in. Fixed sound using this info:

Dell Mini 9 (Vostro) 2GB Ram - 32 GB RunRev SSD - A05 - OS X.6.5- NBI 20100616212351
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Oscar Oscar is offline
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Default 06-20-2010, 03:48 AM

Thank You.

I just ran the 10.6.4 update. Everything is working just fine thank you very much.

one thing... reboot takes so long w/ the NBI working. so I thought it'd be great if there was a status bar while it ran.

THANKS again.

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Default 06-20-2010, 03:56 AM

Originally Posted by itry2hyde View Post
Questions - why do I end up with 2 dsdt.aml's? • What is the difference between Recovery mode and safe mode?
If you are talkign about the 1201N.DSDT.aml file + the dsdt.aml file, the 1201n is for the Asus 1201n and will only get loaded on that machine, and only if no dsdt.aml file exists.

Safe mode is a special Mac OS X where even if a kext is loaded, it won't run unless if it has a special property set. the kextd does special things in this mode too (which is why you don't want to run NBI in safe mode, kextd will only add safe mode capable kexts to the extension cache.

Recovery mode is a special NBI command that causes chameleon to load a different set of kexts that I have put together that are known to work, even if a system update happen. This includes mostly the pare minimum (keyboard / mouse driver, fakesmc, disabler). This mode is automatically used when NBI is run after an update, If you see the NBI logo, it's in recovery mode because chameleon determined that the system version has changed and as such, started up with the recovery extensions and also loaded a ramdisk with NBI in it. NBI the regenerates the /Extra/ Extensions.mkext with the new system extensions and tells chameleon that it's safe to boot with them. I need to add some error checking so thing like the panic that happened this time will not happen again.

The *big* difference between Safe Mode and Recovery Mode is that in safe mode, even kexts in /S/L/E don't get loaded. In Recovery Mode, all /S/L/E kexts get loaded, just different kexts in /E/ get loaded.

Originally Posted by VBBlueeyes View Post
Am I to understand that the Meklort Patch from #67 is the latest NBI, and we should be using that from now on?
It's the exact same as 0.8.4 RC1 ( I used the same source + extensions). Only change is an increased ramdisk size as a temporary fix.

Dell Mini 9 | Mac OS X 10.6.5 | 2 GB RAM | 32 GB Buffalo SSD | BIOS A05
Dell Mini 10v | Mac OS X 10.6.5 | 1 GB RAM | 160 GB HDD | BIOS A06
My Blog | NetbookInstaller code repository | NetbookInstaller Website | Want a invite? message me.
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