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Default Install notes - mini 10v, 0.8.4RC1, 10.6.2 - 04-02-2010, 04:34 PM


Yesterday my new 10v arrived from Dell (they're still selling them new for $250). Within five minutes of unboxing, I was installing OS X 10.6 (it took five minutes, because I booted windows once to check minimal functioning). I used mechdrew's guide NetbookInstaller 1: USB Installation via Mac | Guides | OS X | mechdrew, as well as checking other sources since I was using 0.8.4RC1 instead of 0.8.3

Several minor things to mention below, but first, this install was an amazing experience, just as trouble-free as many commercial installs. Thanks to meklort and everyone else who's written guides and posted information.

So on with the minor notes:

When creating the USB boot drive, mechdrew's instructions don't mention that you should uncheck "erase disk" when restoring the install dvd on to the drive (you don't have to, but since you just partitioned it, I don't see the point, plus you can't click "restore" as instructed unless you had unchecked
the erasing).

Also in the guide, in step 2/3 of "On the Netbook", you don't explicitly say to select the appropriate drive and partition. Not hard to figure out even for a PC noob like me, but it's better to be explicit for us.

After the installation completed (about 45 minutes, but I forgot to do the optional stuff), everything worked perfectly. I then did the optional installs (which took a very long time in the final steps), and Xcode install. I then did an upgrade to 10.6.2 using a downloaded combo update (I didn't want to got to 10.6.3 due to issues some people seem to be having), and rebooted.

I had the problem where the computer wouldn't wake from sleep, and so I got into the BIOS (A06 if I remember correctly) and disabled the USB legacy mode.

Also, because I used 0.8.4 RC1, I ignored mechdrew's instructions on re-running NBI after the update, because it is supposedly not necessary. But my sound wasn't working (it did before the update). After checking this forum, I ran NBI, and rebooted, and that took care of that. But it seems that the advice that 0.8.4 doesn't need to be manually rerun might be a bit premature?

And finally, I notice there's an eject menu in the menu bar? I already knew how to remove it with command-drag. But my question is, why is this there in the first place, especially on a system with no disk drive? I know it's not a standard item on Leopard, and I'm 90% sure it isn't a standard item in Snow Leopard either. Is NBI adding this in for some odd reason?

Thanks again meklort, mechdrew, and everyone else.

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