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Default "Unsupported CPU" panic after 10.6 upgrade - 02-03-2010, 09:22 AM

After Snow Leopard upgrade I get "Unsupported CPU" panic. HELP please!

I upgraded my Mini 9 to Snow Leopard (retail disc!) using the 2 usb drives method from Mechdrew. I had to use my Windows box to set up the bootloader usb drive, but I was able to use my desktop Tiger mac (10.4.11) to "restore" the Snow Leopard disc onto the 2nd usb drive (8 GB). Install went fine until the "first reboot", where I got the "unsupported CPU" panic.

I haven't run Netbook Installer 0.8.3, because I can't get to a desktop to run it. I've tried rebooting to the OSX install usb drive, but I don't have Netbook installer in the Utilities when I get to the "Install Mac OS X" screen. I've tried to run Netbook installer from my Tiger mac, but it won't run on Tiger.

I think I just need to get the netbook installer to run, even from a usb drive. I can get to the terminal, but I don't have a clue how to get to the correct usb drive and run the netbook installer. My terminal from the SnowLeopard install usb is BASH, I think (command line shows "-bash-3.2#")

Any suggestions? Even just the correct commands to run netbook installer from the terminal might help! I have netbook installer on the same usb drive as Snow Leopard, so I probably just need to know how to change directory and run the program.

Or maybe I'll have to find a friend with a newer OS mac to run the netbook installer onto my Snow Leopard install usb and try installing again??

Thanks for any help!! I miss my "miniMac"
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Default 02-04-2010, 05:28 PM

You'll need to run NBI for sure.

Via terminal, the installer being on your flash drive should be under /Volumes.

So open terminal and type:

cd /Volumes


ls -lrt

That'll show you whats there.......under that directory.

I haven't had to do it that way though.....

---------- Post added at 12:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:26 PM ----------

I used my desktop running Snow Leopard to prep a single 8gb USB drive though.......using NetBookMaker Final.....

If you have a desktop running OSX, just use it and prep a single USB drive......

Either way, someone is bound to respond to this with a better way.

Good luck.
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Default 02-10-2010, 11:05 PM

Finally resolved the issue.
I booted into the OSXDVD usb drive, then used Disk Utility to "Restore" my original system to a 3rd USB drive (thank goodness for 3 built-in usb ports!).
I then re-partitioned the hard drive and installed Snow Leopard, following mechdrew's instructions. Once everything worked, I used the Migration Assistant to move all my apps and data.

Thanks for the advice. I probably should have thought of the solution I used earlier, but I kept working on the problem LATE at night.

This thread can be closed.
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