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Default 03-20-2010, 10:31 PM

I have read everywhere that the intel on board video is not supported by osx on the mini 1012.

Did someone engineer a work around?
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Default 03-22-2010, 01:07 PM

Originally Posted by Tone View Post
I know very little about Netbook Installer etc but a friend lent me his USB and I was able to get my 1012 to boot into Snow Leopard and everything seems hunky dory. I also made the relevant change to the boot.plist to force it into 32 bit mode on boot up.

However when I run updates and restart the machine starts to cycle on and off and there is an error message about 64 bit mode.

Is there an issue here with the upgrade or (more likely) is there something else to be done to force the machine into 32 bit mode?

(Ignore the sig - it's not Win 7 anymore!)
I'm in the exact situation. 10.6 installed and boots fine (without audio or BT). Upgrade to 10.6.2 through software update, bam, unable to boot due to some 64bit kernel error.

I can boot it with NetbookBootMaker USB (and for some reason, audio is fixed), run NetbookInstaller, but it still doesn't solve the boot issues.. Still go into restart cycle with after the message saying 64bit kernel error.

Also, my application folder is emptied (except for NetbookInstaller) after I upgraded to 10.6.2, and there are about 5 "untitled" drives appeared on the desktop. Dock becomes unusable and question marks appear on the app when I click on it. (However, I can find the applications using spotlight search). Unable to save anything on my Harddrive.

Many problems.. Anyone know what the problem is? I'll stick to OS10.6 for now, even though there is no audio, but at least I don't have to carry a USB with bootloader on it.

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Alright, I'm still on OS10.6, added "arch=i386" to extra/ It is booting without the 64bit kernel error. AND for some weird reason, I HAVE SOUND!!!! everything is working fine except for BT, which is not too essential!

Hurray! I might upgrade to OS10.6.2, and hopefully it will not cause any more problem, will keep you guys updated.
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Default 03-22-2010, 06:45 PM

I can't make my USB drive bootable using this guide NetbookInstaller 2: USB Mac Installation via Any Operating System | Guides | OS X | mechdrew

On Vista OS.. What can be wrong?

Thanks in advance...
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Default 03-22-2010, 11:01 PM

  • 10.6 Snow Leopard: Try using Software Update (accessible from the Apple icon in the Menu Bar) first to update to 10.6.2. If that does not work correctly you should use the 10.6.2 Combo Update linked at the top of the guide.
  • Press any agree button and Install buttons necessary. You will probably be warned that a Restart is necessary, that is just fine.
[*]Press Install, enter your password and press OK.[*]When installation is complete, press OK and restart your computer.

Thanks Gosha, I'll try this when I have time - I've re-installed it four times over the weekend! For the moment I'm sticking with 10.6

One other (minor) issue: my display brightness is weird. It is bright on battery and dims when the mains lead is plugged in!

Anyone have any ideas? - Energy saving doesn't seem to have relevant settings.

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Sorry should have read this:
[quote=WineNerd;117909]The mini 9 has separate brightness settings for AC and battery. While plugged into AC, use the Fn + increase brightness (0) keys on your keyboard to set it up to full. Unplug and set the brightness down using Fn + decrease brightness (9).

Now, when you plug the power back in, the brightness will increase.[/quote]

I know we're talking about the 1012 here but it works as well

Mini 1012|2GB RAM|Snow Leopard 10.6
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