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Default How to upgrade to 10.5.6 with 8GB/10.5.4 - 12-22-2008, 04:02 PM

What I have right now is 8GB default mini 9 with MSIWIND version installed.
With only 700MB available room in my SSD, is there any way for me to upgrade my 10.5.4 to 10.5.6?

Software update demanded 4.9GB just to upgrade, but as you see all i have is 700MB of room. :roll:
+ 2GB SD card!
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Default Re: How to upgrade to 10.5.6 with 8GB/10.5.4 - 12-22-2008, 04:31 PM

Download the combo and then install it: ... pdate.html

It was the only way I was able to upgrade to 10.5.6. I'd be surprised if it doesn't break your MSIWind install though...

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Default Re: How to upgrade to 10.5.6 with 8GB/10.5.4 - 12-22-2008, 04:58 PM

actualy it doesnt break the install.

my mini9 is running osx with the msiwind distro but installed with type11's method.

i did it this way because with the vanilla install, it doesn't fit on a 8gb unless you have a couple of hours and a few usb disks handy.

all you have to do is install with the msiwind disk but uncheck all the options when u get to customize installation menu. that leaves u with only the essential files.

that means all u'd install is the 10.5. btw, you have to install it onto a guid partition.

after that when it asks to restart, boot off a type11 bootup disk.

all steps after is like a type11 installation.

so far i found its the easiest way to get it on a 8gb,

when u start up at 10.5.0, a few things won't work. then all u need to do is to use xslimmer. i got about 1.7gb free before i installed 10.5.6. run the type11 install first so that your hdd is bootable. restart.

install 10.5.6 off a usb drive as the combo update is about 680mb or so. mount the dmg and click the install package. if u drag it to the main hdd, you'll find that u won't have sufficient space.

after all that, xslimmer again. voila. all done.

still waiting for my runcore 64gb.



edit: for the purists out there, don't flame me for using the msiwind disk, i have the leopard install disk but i blame douglas at mdd for not sending me a runcore 64gb yet. i was desperate.
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Default Re: How to upgrade to 10.5.6 with 8GB/10.5.4 - 12-24-2008, 03:44 PM

Is there any reason not to just use the MSIWindx86 iso for the install on the mini? I did that because it was the 1st hit on google when I was looking for a OSX install, all I had to do is remove the fonts and it fit fine on 8gb. I have since installed the updated audio and wifi and SD drivers so now my system can do everything but sleep and BT is still disabled after reboot with a phone device paired up.
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Default Re: How to upgrade to 10.5.6 with 8GB/10.5.4 - 12-24-2008, 06:03 PM

Yes, the MSIWind method sucks. It breaks all kinds of things that have no good reason to be broken. It's a royal pain to do a 10.5.6 update with the MSIWind method, if it'll do it at all. If you do go with the Wind method and come here for help, you'll usually get told to switch to a proper method, and the thread will get locked. There is no reason to support a known bad install method when we have several great ways that aren't near as screwed up to begin with.
I've always meant to make a sticky at the top of the forums explaining this.

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