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Smile Official Snow Leopard Install for a dell mini 9 - 01-16-2010, 10:10 PM

before you go any waste hours looking for a guide to install Snow Leopard on A Dell Mini look no further i guarentee this is the most simple guide on the market that dosen't use hackware!

go out and buy yourself
.an external hardrive any size and brand (note: not usb it needs to have a disk, 3000rpm should do it, in size i can be as small as 20gb but i have a 320gb imation one which cost less that $100Aud
. a mac os x install dvd(the ones must say install on the although mine cost $40aud from apple, upgrade, but just to be safe)
a netbook or a bootloader that adds extensions to your specific machine.
.netbookbootmaker(search downloads in osx mechdrew)
.this assumes you have working leopard if no use someone elses mac
. and external dvd drive if using your netbook

1. insert the snow leopard disc into your dvd drive
2 power up the computer finder
4.on your keyboard type alt-shift-g
type in this path "/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/"
5. minimise finder
6. open disk utility
7. click on you external hard drive
8.go to the partition tab the top of the the window it should say "volume scheme and underneath in a dropdown box it should say current. click that box then click 1 partition should say options at the bottom, click that then select GUID partition table
11.on the side it will say Mac OS X extended (Journeled) change that to Mac OS X extended. apply then partition. the finder window you minimised search for os install
14.follow the onscreen instructions
15.when it gets to the volume select select your xternal harddrive continue.
17. at the next screen click customize and select everything
18. Click install
19.wait...wait...wait.......................... netbookbootmaker and select your external drive
21.once it is done boot from your external drive disk utility on you external drive and do the same this we did to your external harddrive in step 6-12 to your internal harddrive
23.go to the restore tab
24. in the source pane drag your external hard drive
25. in the destination pane drag your internal hdd netbookbootmaker to your internal drive.
27. if that dosen't work run your leopard install disc and boot off it (hacked or non hacked) and do the same process in disk utility ( press continue after loaded at at the top screen it will say utilitys click and select disk utility restore the external hd to the internal)

good luck with your hackintoshing

p.s. this is defiantly the most authentic hackintosh on the market so far i have run software update and everything has worked (10.6.3 will probably work 2. its a real mac minus a grand!)

note: this is the only current installation with support for the atom!

heres the link to netbookbootmaker

i'd be happy to hear feedback and improvements (there may be some)

Downloads | OS X | mechdrew (download the first one)
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10.6, jackr1909, snow leopard install, upgrade disc, without dmg

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