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Default 12-23-2009, 07:49 PM

i'm someone who has a brand new mini10v (with 6-cell batt) waiting for him several hundred miles away - i've already got the USB 'OS X Install' Flash Drive and BIOS downgrader software (Winplash) ready in anticipation. the moment it gets here when my wife gets back from the in-laws, it will have OS X on it. XP will get booted once only.

why? because....

- As a 31 yr old, since switching from exclusively Win to exclusively OS X (at home), it's clear that Win XP / Vista cannot compete. haven't tried Win 7 so can't comment there but i hear great things so i guess the gap must be much more narrower. OS X is simply easier to use once you get the hang of it, snappier in most respects and i personally haven't experienced the crashes, slow-down and a whole host of other annoying issues i used to regularly when using Win. hell, i use XP during my day-job - i'm the unofficial 'IT man' of the office. every day i get to realise more how fundamentally, OS X is a more satisfying and mor comfortable experience.

- OS X seems more intelligent from the UI to the way things like Automator can make your time much more productive.

- Expose and Spaces rock.

- i don't miss viruses.

- the cool geek-factor that comes with hackintoshing!

there are lots of 'little details' i could get into but that would lead to an essay - i would simply recommend that people give OS X a go for several months and take the time to TRULY learn it's nuances - not just try it for a day and find you feel disabled due to the differences and then go back to Win...not a fair test.

i will eventually get a 15" Macbook Pro as my away-from-desktop solution. i'm a semi-pro photographer so it will be for work purposes. the fact is though that i will be buying with a 30%'ish discount (i have an Apple employee friend) cos there's no way i'd pay full-price - i love OS X but i think Apple products are generally overpriced. not only did i buy my 2008 8 Core Mac Pro (nickname: 'the beast') 'slightly second-hand' to make a big saving, but also my ipod shuffle - got it over one year ago, brand new for half-price.

to prevent myself from booting-up 'the beast' for those time i just want to surf, check mail etc., it makes sense to get a 10v. my wife who also now says she doesn't want to use Win on the lodger's laptop can also stop booting-up 'the beast' just to check hotmail and ebay!

for work-purposes it's also an amazing deal. i'll be travelling to India and with Lightroom installed on this thing i'll be able to dump images from Compact Flash cards and start cataloguing them. would i want to take a 15" MBP with me to do that? no way. with the 10v i get:

- lesser financial hit if damaged or stolen.

- more discreet than 15" of shiny Apple-minium

- smaller

- better battery-life (with 6-cell)

pound for pound, i reckon that the 10v will be the best IT bucks i've ever spent. if Apple made a DECENTLY-PRICED netbook, i'd buy it simply to ensure that future OS updates don't make my netbook 'Apple OS obsolete' but since they don't, a 10v it is!

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Default 12-23-2009, 10:43 PM

In a house of mostly Macs, my 10v was mostly a 'will this work' experiment - as others have said, the support here made it nearly braindead simple. Once I knew it would be stable, I got a second for my daughter. No viruses, performs better with OS X than the XP install it came with and if (please no!) it's dropped/broken/lost it's less $ out of my pocket. Got both as refurbs and what a steal/deal that was!

Dell Mini 10v, 10.6.7 160GB disk
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Default 12-24-2009, 01:09 AM

Nope always been since school an OSX (9) user always will be, using the chameleon/NBI Dell 10v as it's a more or less (lots more than less) an out the box OSX hack.

not got a windoz 7 or xp partition don't want one, the only exception i make is crossover but only use it when i have to..

and when i say have to I mean gun point....
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Default 12-24-2009, 01:19 AM

Because TUAW said it was possible. Serious. I already loved Mac, and when I saw the first article about the Mini 9 there, I was fixated. It took me another two months after I got the Mini 9 to actually do it though. Of course I had researched it extensively beforehand, mainly on this site, before I finally did my first install.

Now I do it because I just like to. Windows got boring long ago, especially with all the stale programs that were available. My Mini 10v with OS X is much easier to carry in a backpack than a normal laptop and a heckuva lot cheaper too.

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AlexFFA AlexFFA is offline
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Default 12-24-2009, 01:29 AM

Originally Posted by tchariya View Post

DEVICE: Small form factor for traveling/coffee shop/cigar store; battery life of the 6-cell

OSX: stability, faster boot/fastest wake from sleep, doesn't feel like work Windows; 'hack-ability'; public WOW factor
Yes these are the same reasons on my end. I guess I was expecting a bit more not ever having used OS X, and some of the issues i have are more with the netbook it self (smaller keys, funny acting trackpad, etc.)

I have to mess around with the functionalities a bit more and add some Mac softwore (iWork) to really get the full OS X experience.

It IS cool though!

Mini 10v - OS X 10.6.2 - 120gb HDD - 1g Ram - NCD (D) - RC5 - BIOS A05 - Works Perfect!
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Default 12-24-2009, 01:49 AM

Have had Macs at home for about 7 years now and still running my first mac (G4 733 Digital Audio), and friends genuinely disbelieve me when I say I've NEVER had to hit and hold the power button due to a freeze etc. So stability is a major plus for me along with the fact that I already have the software I need for OS X.

Can't afford a Macbook pro and not sure I'd buy one if I could as I'd be a bit scared to take it out and about - defeats the point of a laptop really.

Like the idea of a Mac netbook for less than £250 and I bought my 10v to give me a project for the holiday period. This is my only compaint - the people here have made the process so simple and straightforward that my project has been completed well ahead of schedule so nothing to do for the rest of the Christmas holiday!

<heads towards the fridge...>

| Mini 10v | 1Gb | 160Gb | BIOS A04 | OS 10.6.2 | NBI 0.8.3 Final |
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Scooter70 Scooter70 is offline
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Default 12-24-2009, 02:27 AM

I've never had a Mac... in fact I had only used a Mac for a total of a few minutes before I hackent0shed my Mini. I wanted a netbook and I've had good luck with Dell laptops in the past so I looked there first. When i found out that I could put OSX on it, I figured what the heck. I can't say that I really like OSX any better than Windows 7 but it is pretty cool when people see that it's a Dell Mini but it's a Mac.

-=|| Mini10v | 2GB | 120GB | BT | Win7 Pro | OSX 10.6.2 ||=-
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mattkins99 mattkins99 is offline
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Default 12-24-2009, 06:40 AM

I'm like Scooter. I'm not a Mac person... I think I have about 7 computers at home not counting the mini 9 and all are running Win 7 or XP (Vista was crap and the xp machine is only running xp because it's around 8 years old I think) Really, the mini 9 is just a toy and for $30 why not try out OSX.

Really though I'm thinking about just putting Win 7 on it. I store a lot of TV shows, music and movies on a central computer and I can't access the files from this machine no matter what I try. I find OSX kind of fun and not bad for surfing the web, but I find when I want to do anything more than that... I end up using Remote desktop and connecting to one of my desktops.
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Default 12-24-2009, 08:48 AM

Originally Posted by bmcclure937 View Post
I prefer Mac OSX over Windows on a personal machine... and I was "up to the challenge" and found it very interesting.
The same !
FYI i have a MBP with win7 on parallels

 French Mini 9  | 2Go RAM | 64 Go SSD | OSX 10.6.8 / Win 7 | NBI .8.5 | BIOS A06 | USB Wake : OFF | USB Legacy : ON | BlueTooth : OFF
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popophobia popophobia is offline
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Default 12-24-2009, 09:26 AM

Having access to Terminal and can control my other MacHack at home for virtually anything. Also, a warranty for a "OS X" environment in case the main MacHack goes down.

Dell mini 9 - OS X 10.6.2 NBI 0.8.3RC5
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