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Default OSInstall mods for an 8GB install with SL - 11-14-2009, 02:29 AM

This is for an 8GB install with SL. I am posting this for people who NEED to remove things like Oxford, Additional Languages and Asian support. Along with myself, others have had errors in the install where it cannot verify packages like Essential, leaving you hanging with a broken install.

I have attached a 2MB zip that contains the "original" with the MBR mod only, along with a "mod" directory that shows you what I did. You will still need to xar -c -f * and replace your package. In addition to this, for good measure, I also chmod/chown'd to root because SL is a bit more picky about permissions but do not think this matters.

Since the macdrew guide works well for a 10.5 install, I wanted to post my files/mods for a 10.6 install because I had some problems with the package validation. Since most of the posts here are "oh I got it working" without the "this is how you do it", my findings are this:

- We know you can modify the base package which will NOT fit on an 8GB via a GUID install.
- It seems going the MBR route will but I want SL and SL only on my 8GB machine, single boot, so I have no clue how this affects that method
- When I left the 'choices' for me to pick, I always had errors disabling so what I did was change the things like "selected" from true to false. This prevented them from being installed but still allowed a good install.
- You will still need to deselect the Printers, X11 and install later if needed because this squeaks in with 100-40mb to "spare"
- Once installed, you should run and remove other languages/arch to free even more space
- Thanks to drew, Merklort and others who have done amazing work—you folks really make this seamless.

I can confirm that my own Mini9/8GB and a Mini9/8GB runcore have "worked" with this mod, installing from a RETAIL 10.6 disk with the NetbookBootmaker method (see drew's guides). One had 1GB and the other 2GB, otherwise it was a straight NetbookBootMaker install with 0.8.3RC4 (which is inconsequential to this but I'm posting my specs anyways).

Please, for the sake of polluting the forum, I ask that if you want to modify something because it doesn't work for you that you post WHAT YOU DID. Hey d00d your stuffz no work or "I did sum mod", or "didn't were fer me" does nobody any good. It is also good practice to keep topics within the scope of their topic/focus, so remember that this is only dealing with SL, installing to a Mini9 with an 8GB, with a retail 10.6 disc, after doing the modifications by netbookmaker/installer.
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Default Great post - 12-19-2009, 01:13 AM

Thank you, it worked perfectly. And I'm a Mac novice.
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Default 12-19-2009, 04:32 PM

I'm thinking of going this route over the USB HD / Carbon Copy Clone route. My question is, is this OSInstall.mpkg already set up to allow you to uncheck the extraneous options ("Essential Software")? If I understand your post correctly, all I will do is use terminal to bring up the Packages folder and replace the file (copy/paste) and then run the "xar -c -f OSInstall.mpkg *" command. Is there anything else I will need to do prior to install?

Thanks for all the help on this board.
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Default 12-26-2009, 09:50 PM

you should have included the modded osinstall.mpkg too, i cant open the osinstall.mpkg using the xar command to replace the files inside. It keeps saying -bash: xar: command not found
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Default 08-10-2010, 09:56 PM

Please can somebody post the OSInstall.mpkg that has been modded *and* xar'd. Thanks! Or explain how to make it on a windows machine

Edit: Nevermind, xar can be used from the terminal in the installer.
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