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Default List of fonts to not delete in 10.6/SL - 09-13-2009, 10:30 PM

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard font management

A great guide on what fonts NOT to touch. I would imagine that you could easily break things quickly, making all "text" look like you just did a cat /dev/dsp.


* AppleGothic.ttf
* AquaKanaBold.otf
* AquaKanaRegular.otf
* Courier.dfont*
* Geneva.dfont
* Helvetica LT MM & HelveLTMM
* Helvetica.dfont*
* HelveticaNeue.dfont*
* Keyboard.ttf
* LastResort.ttf
* LucidaGrande.ttc
* Meno.ttc
* Monaco.dfont (maybe this can be deleted now that Menlo replaces it as the default fixed width font)
* Osaka.ttf
* OsakaMono.ttf
* Symbol.ttf*
* Times LT MM & TimesLTMM
* Times.dfont*
* ZapfDingbats.ttf*
* HiraMinProN-W3, HiraMinProN-W6, HiraKakuProN-W3 & HiraKakuProN-W6

The fonts marked with an asterisk can be replaced by other versions of the same font. This means you can for instance use a PostScript version of Helvetica instead of the .dfont version.


I would suggest going here because it looks like a great resource on learning about fonts with OSX. Obviously, a NetBook is not an ideal design machine but this also applies to installing fonts to code with (TextMate) and use Terminal. The site also has a recently posted article on some of the new issues the unicode/font system in SL introduced with "third party monitors"--coming from someone who was dual-heading on a legit machine. I had a similar issue with 10.5 when moving my Vostro Desktop over so it is worth the read.


Some history as to why/how I got here:

Even with the trimmed SL install, and shaving off another few hundred MB via Monolingual, I got tempted to go further and remove the max. Drew's guides point you right into /S/L and /L to the very-large voices and a few other things. I have also normally removed excessive background files (makes the wallpaper part of the prefpane come up with blanks) and screensavers, so I wound up with the largest directory in ascending-size sort being fonts. There are a few in there clocking in at above 10MB, which I had never seen in many years of compressing/fixing/converting fonts to OTF so I could use them across different machines. For some reason, I figured to do some research here because I had previously hosed a Debian machine years ago by removing one wrong font. Apple's site has lots of documentation on management of fonts, but you figure that someone would have figured out if a machine that will never be used by anyone else or in any other language could have the "international" fonts removed. I am unaware of any "core font" management utility beyond Apple's FontBook and the thousands of other utilities on MacUpdate, but it is always nice to trim more fat. Prior to reconfiguring my setup, without X11/rosetta/Quicktime7, I managed to get 3.94GB free (no sleepimage).
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