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Default Dual-boot help! OSX 10.5.8 and Windows 7 RC - 08-31-2009, 04:55 AM

I've read all of the guides and haven't been able to make this work. I started with this guide: "Dual boot Win7 and OSX" by pollock, with teh suggested change later in that thread to use OSX to partition the disk and not windows

What I did, this is a 10v:

1: Partition the hard disk with two 20G partitions for Windows and MacOS, the first one MacOS formatted as MacOS X extended (Journaled), the second as FAT32 and a third partition for the rest of the disk that is a FAT32 that I can share between the two OS.

2: installed from my 10.5.6 retail DVD, updated using teh combo updater to 10.5.8, ran all of the apple updates and then used NetbookInstaller to make it bootable.

3: booted the windows CD from an external drive, installed on the second partition (partition 3), used teh commands in the guide to make the partition active and changed the format to NTFS, then ran the windows intall to the end. Rebooted, installed all of the windows updates, etc.

4: booted an external hard disk with the 123 method still on it, used that to start the MacOSX partition again. System booted fine, so I know that both MacOS X and Windows 7 are on the right partitions on the hard drive.

5: ran netbookInstaller to try to get chameleon back on as the boot manager, but this is where things went south. When I boot, I get the Windows boot manager saying that it can't find the right hardware (I can't remember the exact message)

6: re-booted teh Syslinux Boot123 partition on the external hard disk, restarted MacOSX and logged in here to enter this message.

Like I said, I know that the software is there. I'm running MacOS X right now and I know that the Windows 7 partition booted until I ran NetbookInstaller. What I have on the disk is:

1: EFI partition
2: 20G MacOS X partition (MacOS Extended, journaled)
3: 20G Windows 7 partition (NTFS)
4: 109G Data partition, FAT32

I can see all of these with the exception of the EFI partition when MacOS X is running.


thanks to all you guys' hard work, these are great little Mac machines
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Default 08-31-2009, 05:13 AM

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Default 08-31-2009, 03:03 PM

Originally Posted by ishagi View Post
yes, that was my first try at it. I don't remember what the error was, it's not the same as what I'm seeing now, but it did see the two partitions but neither of them would boot.
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Default still trying... - 09-01-2009, 05:28 AM

OK, went back and started again, well sort of

Booted using the install disk, backedup up my Mac OS X 10.5.8 config to my external disk

reformatted the drive to have:

MBR Type
Partition 1 is Windows, 20G FAT32
Partition 2 is MacOS X, 20G mac extended, journaled
Partition 3 is Data, rest of disk FAT32

restored Mac config to partition 2

rebooted to Windows 7 install CD, reformatted partition 1 to NTFS, installed Windows 7 RC and all of the updates.

rebooted to Windows 7, redownloaded and instaled EasyBCD 1.7.2, added the entry for MacOS

rebooted, boot to Windows 7 works. Boot to MacOS X doesn't work

rebooted syslinux then the OSX partition, still boots. RunNetbook Installer and then take defaults for Mini10v. installs chameleon

reboot, neither boot options workboth macOS and Windows are in the menu. both fail with an error 0x0000000e.

boot syslinux partition then MacOS partition, MacOS is still OK

boot windows install CD, select repair, now windows isOK again. (I'm typing this from the windows partition running Windows 7 RC)

i've tried to give as much info as possible. I've followed Mechdrew's advanced multi (2) guide and the one by pollock in here to no avail. any suggestions?

(PS. The good news is that I know that both OS' are still on the disk and I can get either MacOS or Windows to boot with something external plugged in. I also know that I have a good backup of my MacOS config so that I can restore it instead of going through teh complete install and update. Can i use Mac Diskutility to backup and restor the NTFS partition? that would be pretty cool!)
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