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Question Only boots in safe mode, both Type11 and DellEFI method - 08-13-2009, 01:29 AM

My brother and I bought matching Dell Mini 9s.

I used the Type11 method (from here: How To: Hackintosh a Dell Mini 9 Into the Ultimate OS X Netbook - Dell mini 9 hackintosh guide - Gizmodo) whilst my brother used the DellEFI method: Guide Method 1 - Single USB Drive (Mac-only) | DellEFI | mechdrew)

We've both updated to 10.5.7, and neither of us can boot normally, only in safe mode. I've tried re-installing the extensions via DellEFI 1.1 or 1.2a5 a million times, disabling legacy USB in the BIOS, removing/re-installing the dsdt.aml file, etc.

Nothing works.

The fact that my brother has the same machine and used a different method, and the fact we can both boot in safe mode, makes me think there's some little common detail the guides aren't addressing, maybe some recent Dell Mini 9s have different settings than the ones that were shipping in Jan/Feb?

Anyway, when I boot with "-v" this is the last line I see:

localhost kextd[10]: IOKitWaitQuiet() timed out waiting to write kernel symbols

After that the screen goes blue and stays blue permanently. ( least 6 minutes, I give up eventually)

We both used the same model of USB thumb drive, and the same OS X 10.5 DVD to create our installations. I should point out that the DellEFI app always warns "It does not appear that you are running this application on a Dell Mini 9" when launched.

Any help is appreciated!
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gnubix gnubix is offline
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Default 08-13-2009, 01:57 AM

I have had the same issue and have not been able to resolve it either. Any help is appreciated.

BTW - I used the SSD direct connect to iMac method as well.
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krighton krighton is offline
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Default 08-13-2009, 02:12 AM

i'm guessing you installed the chameleon boot (or whatever the dellefi11 is called) when you booted to the desktop the first time....otherwise the mac software won't boot normally.
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jqheywood jqheywood is offline
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Default 08-17-2009, 06:06 PM

I was in a similar situation, able only to boot into safe mode on a brand new Mini9. It is now resolved, and I'm not sure if what I did fixed it or something unrelated. I called up DellEFI1.2a5 and deleted the dsdt.aml file. Then I rebooted into safe mode. I then used DellEFI1.2a5 to create a dsdt.aml file, reinstalled Chameleon, reinstalled Mini 9 extensions, restored the 10.5.5 keyboard pane, fixed bluetooth...all of which I had done a dozen times before to no effect. What appears to have made this time different is that I also checked off the "Install old mirror friendly GMA kext". I then rebooted into safe mode again. Then tried a reboot with just the -v flag (so I could see what was happening instead of watching that stupid spinny thing). Voila! It booted perfectly.
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jqheywood jqheywood is offline
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Default 08-17-2009, 09:02 PM

Must be the karma...right after I posted the above, I shut the clamshell on my mini and put it to sleep. When I woke it up, the trackpad didn't work. So I rebooted, and bingo....back to square one. I tried redoing the steps in the post above, and they didn't work this time. Sigh.
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nobo_mini nobo_mini is offline
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Default 08-18-2009, 04:26 PM

Did you use retail OS X or a DVD that came with a Mac product? From my limited understanding, the DVD that ships with product is "tuned" for that particular hardware and can be a bear to install as a Hackintosh.

Per my signature, I got a Mini 9 up and running on 10.5.8 with initial install done via retail OS X and DellEFI with no issues, other than the power meter/energy saver issue everyone else has/had (now fixed).

Mini 9 | OS X 10.6.7 | 2GB | 16GB STEC | .3Mp | No BT |
BIOS A05 | USB Legacy: ON | USB Wake: OFF | Bluetooth: OFF | NBI .8.4 RC1.1 (20100616212351)
Sleep: Working | Speakers: Working | Headphone Jack: Working
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mario65 mario65 is offline
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Default 08-19-2009, 11:13 PM

I have had the problem once in about 6 installs. I went back and ran the 10.5.7 update again and then ran Dell Efi 1.2a5 twice as it says in the guides and then it was ok. If it wont boot and it goes to the scrambled screen its not taking the Dell EFI changes to the dsdt file. Some how running the 10.5.7 update again works for me. Use the downloaded 10.5.7 update from the guides not the automatic system update version. Then if you go to 10.5.8 be prepared for possible headaches. I went back to 10.5.7.
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