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Default OSInstall.mpkg modded for 8gb ssd? - 08-01-2009, 06:32 PM

I've been trying to install OS X from a retail disk onto my Mini 9 using the two USB method and Transmac. I have no Mac at my disposal to attempt any other method.

I have the 8gb SSD and I'm having a hard time unlocking the Essential section to get rid of the additional voices and dictionary so that I can get this thing installed. I've been trying with the copy of OSInstall.mpkg provided by Vince Chew at Installing OS X on DELL Mini 9 / Vostro A90 but so far no luck.

Does anyone have a copy of the file that has been modified to allow further streamlining the OS to install on an 8gb SSD that they could upload somewhere for download or e-mail to me or something?

Edit: Sorry if this gets posted a lot, I've been searching for hours and come up empty handed.
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Default 08-02-2009, 04:41 AM

Pretty sure forum rules don't allow for us posting material out of the Install DVD. Sorry, wish I could help. Why do you have such a small SSD anyway :P
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Default 08-02-2009, 07:16 AM

I got it for stupidly cheap and was NOT expecting it to be such a hassle getting OSX onto the 8gb drive. I suppose I could "borrow" a USB card reader from Wal-Mart, I have an SD card that I can get OS X to install to so maybe I could install it on there and then restore it to the SSD or something...
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Default 08-02-2009, 11:13 AM

Well, it is pretty well documented that a 16 gig SSD is the smallest size that OSX should be installed on. Everybody started slimming installs when the Mini 9 w/Unbuntu got so cheap. Yes it can be shoe horned onto an 8 gig SSD, but it doesn't run as well. OS X really needs about 20% free space to operate properly.

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Default 08-02-2009, 04:10 PM

I don't know if your SD card method will work as intended.

Main thing that .mpkg alteration allows for, in addition to deselection of certain options, is the ability to not have to use a GUID partition, which wastes ~1GB of space on the SSD through the EFI reserved space. I don't know if you can restore your GUID SD card as a MBR installation to the SSD.

What you might have to do, (and I know it's a waste of time), is install OS to SD card, mainly to get a working OSX installation. Use THAT to edit the mpkg file as necessary, then install as normal. You might even want to install to SD card again, getting the OS to the point you'd consider it stable, then move to the SSD. I had to move some of the bigger included apps to SD card (iCal, Mail, etc.) anyway, so the 10.5.7 update had enough free space on SSD, but then you can move them back, or leave on the SD card if you so desire.

8GB runs fine. I got in on the <$180 Dell Outlet deals recently, so mine only has 512MB RAM right now; though 2GB is in the mail. For a full blown installation, yes, 8GB is too small. For web/email and a bit of word processing, it's going to be fine with some tinkering.

Worst case, use the money you saved by buying a Runcore down the road.
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Default 08-02-2009, 04:33 PM

Originally Posted by speedbump47 View Post
Worst case, use the money you saved by buying a Runcore down the road.
The eventual plan is to upgrade to a 32gb SSD and 2gb RAM, but for now I just want an econo-mac. I don't need it to run anything crazy, my windows desktop is plenty powerful to run anything I could possibly be interested in running, I have just always liked Mac OS for its usability and aesthetics. I'm an IT major, so part of it is I like to do things with my computer just for the sake of doing it.

I do have a friend with a Mac Mini, as well as a hackintoshed mini 9, so sooner or later I'm sure I could stop by his place to get it done one way or another. Knowing him, he's probably got a bootable OS X installed on an external drive laying around anyway.

For now I guess I'll stick with Ubuntu until I pick up a USB card reader or a 16gb flash drive to install to.

(unless anyone else has a suggestion on getting OS X installed on an 8gb drive without a Mac)
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Default 08-02-2009, 08:23 PM

A trick I had to use to squeeze it in there was to select "erase and install" under options. For whatever reason, if you format the 8GB STEC drive in Disk Utility (inside the installer), it ends up being 18.6MB too small if you untick all the optional settings. If you do an erase and install, it'll end up having 9.8MB free. I just did this today with my retail 10.5.0 disk, so if you have a 10.5.6 disk the erase and install might not give you enough.

Then, once you get the OS installed, then you have to figure out how to free up 2.3GB to install 10.5.7. I had to delete dictionaries, speech voices, and install packages, along with using Monolingual, and I was able to cram it in.
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Default 08-02-2009, 09:59 PM

Its working on my Dell Mini 9 8GB i have some office apps installed too and have 700mb free

You need to do this guide here: Guide Advanced 3: Customizing the Mac OS X Installer | DellEFI | mechdrew

Let me know how u get on!
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Default 08-02-2009, 11:18 PM

+1 on running OSX on my 8gb A90.

I followed both mechdrew and Vince Chew's guides. I modded OSInstall.mpkg since I had access to another mac. The key thing is selecting which essential sw options to disable. I followed mechdrew's suggested ones but my install kept hanging on the grey desktop on initial startup. Finally got it to work by disabling these options:

02/15: AdditionalSpeechVoices
06/15: Mail
10/15: DVDPlayer

Another blog suggested disabling these for the 8gb install:
* DVDPlayer – 47.3 MB (Removable)
* AdditionalSpeechVoices – 697 MB (Removable)
* OxfordDictionaries – 129 MB (Removable)

There will saved space 1.5GB of 6GB Essential System. also deselect Language Translations, Additional Fonts, and Printer Drivers to save disk space and click install.

I was able to run osx comfortably with skype, firefox, vlc, and a few other apps. Also check out monolingual after you get it going.
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Default 08-03-2009, 02:13 AM

Sounds like I just need to get access to a Mac at some point. I tried the erase and install and I never got it to go. I also tried formatting it as a FAT drive, which gave me enough space, but the installer would then tell me that it couldn't install on that format.

I suppose for the immediate future it's on to Ubuntu 9.04...
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