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Default osx won't show battery time left - 07-26-2009, 08:06 AM

I was wondering if anyone has had this issue and fixed it.

I just did a full install using my mac. installed to a runcore 32gb using the cable. Dell EFI 1.1 and 1.2 tried.

everything seems to be working right except for my battery time left indicator. the % left works fine, but when i put it to time left. All i get is (not charging) instead of time left.

any help ideas would be appreciated. (I had done a usb method install on the old 16gb STEC and the battery left indicator worked fine.) Not sure why this install doesn't seem to work right.

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Default 07-27-2009, 02:21 PM

Hi everyone,

I haven't been able to find a resolution yet. I have tried removing the hardware specific file (in the dellefi) rebooting and reinstalling. I've tried reinstalling the mini 9 extensions. Not sure what else to try.

hoping someone has come seen this before? I had been thinking it might have something to do with me using a macbook to do the initial install on my runcore... could it have somehow confused the install to looking for my macbook battery or something?

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ImprobableMiniUser ImprobableMiniUser is offline
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Default 07-27-2009, 04:37 PM

I have a few thoughts. First, is your battery the stock dell battery or an ebay battery? Don't know if an ebay battery would affect things, but it might.

Second, perhaps your mini is plagued by the dreaded battery issue where the computer runs off of the battery after it reaches full charge, even if it's still plugged in. Will the battery charge ok? Is the only problem showing how much battery is left after it reaches full charge? Since you stated you have a runcore, I might try swaping in the original STEC drive and see if you get any odd behavior under xp or ubuntu. If you do, you could go to dell with your issue and maybe get things fixed if it is a hardware issue.

Sorry I can't offer anything more concrete than that. I even had the same issue, but it resolved itself after I rebooted the mini by holding the power button down, and trying a different outlet. *shrugs sholders*
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Default 07-27-2009, 07:22 PM

Hi, thanks for the reply.

So it is the dell stock battery.

And i believe batter behavior is fine. Seems to be fully charged anytime i take it off the charger. Also the % charged seems fine. and the time to complete charging shows up okay too when plugged in.

It's just when i unplug it it says charged for a bit then "not charging" and remains that way. If i switch to % mode it shows percent left just fine.

I will check to see if it does anything funny with xp, but last time i used by xp drive it seemed okay.

Definitely open to more suggestions and thanks for the input!
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Default 07-27-2009, 07:29 PM

what bios are you running?
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Default 07-28-2009, 12:17 AM


I was on bios AOO

upgraded to A05 and went through reinstalling dell efi and custom file for hardware. still just getting a not charging when i set my battery to time.

ARGHH.... i don't get it.


Okay, so just incase anyone else has this issue i have resolved mine. Apparently if you use a newer osx dvd for a macbook pro (one's with the new batteries) there must be something that gets installed that is not compatible, or you should use a laptop for the install. (i suspect it's something on the DVD rather than the install being performed on a laptop).

Anyway.. i redid the install using a retail version and did the install using an imac instead of my macbook pro and voila. All good.

Thanks for the replies and I guess i'm to blame for not following the tutorial to the letter...
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