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Default Unable to complete consistency check - 07-12-2009, 09:17 PM

Okay, pretty much at my wits end installing OS X. Windows I'm proficient in, Linux I... can get by in, I guess. Mac OS is foreign. I'm running out of ideas, I can't find anyone else experiencing my issue via Search, and I could really just use a hand either showing me what I'm doing wrong or reaffirming my conclusions.

So here's the situation. New Mini 10v with 160 GB drive using an external DVD drive in an attempt to make an XP/OS X/Ubuntu triple boot.

- Dell Mini 10v
- Asus SDRW-09D1S-U external DVD drive, USB powered
- Lite-On iHAP322-08 8 internal DVD drive and Bytecc BT-200 external IDE kit (stand-alone power)
- Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.1 2Z691-6178-A install DVD, purchased via educational discount, appears to be retail packaging as far as I can determine, although it's been kicking around my desk for over a year.
- Gparted Live CD
- DellMiniBoot 8.0.1
- 8 GB thumb drive that I apparently didn't need

The guide I was using as a framework is a triple-boot guide found at the OSx86 wiki. I was having some difficulty with it, but I think that's because they're using an install method that doesn't use EFI? Maybe I'm wrong. I was substituting Mechdrew's method for installing OS X, anyway. I can do some further testing once I overcome my current hurdle.

When I use the Asus, everything proceeds fairly well until the consistency check. At 56%, the drive slows down dramatically and makes some noises that I can only interpret as trying to read/seek and successfully read a file, and after a few minutes of that it tells me to clean the disc. The DVD is without scratches, I've cleaned off the few tiny particles, and the data-side is undamaged. The plastic does have some odd multi-color prism-effects going on that I'm not used to seeing in optical media though. Possibly defective?

When I use the Lite-On with DellMiniBoot, everything goes fine until it's time to disc swap. I swap out DellMiniBoot, insert the OS X DVD, use "-x -f platform=x86pc" (seems to be necessary to get installer to load), wait for the disc to spin up, and then select to boot from 9f. Eventually the disc spins down, no indication of activity to the DVD drive. Flat out not working. I tried the Lite-On because I thought maybe the Asus was just running out of juice from prolonged reading, or maybe the Lite-On's optical could read the disc successfully.

I have access to a very old G4 with OS 9 and a DVD drive, but no modern Macs. I'm not certain that G4 could contemplate an 8 GB thumb drive, so I don't know if I would be able to make a USB install possible.

It seems my options are:
- Buy a different external DVD drive on the outside chance that the Asus' opticals are no good, making this project even more expensive.
- Buy another copy of OS X to determine if it's a defective DVD (around 18 months old, so a return/exchange isn't viable)
- Download some illegal ISOs, never trust my OS, be unable to patch, and worry about a knock on the door. I'd dearly like to avoid this solution

Am I just missing a common issue, or is it pretty clear that my DVD is no good? This is yet another setback in my attempts to get a computer with OS X up and running on the cheap, so it's getting frustrating.

Thoughts, comments, questions, advice, input of any kind? Thank you to anyone that can offer help.

I didn't think that the ripple could be photographed easily, and to be honest, this picture doesn't really show the extent of it but it at least gives a general idea. Probably a .75 to 1 inch wide band all the way around the middle of the disc, visible as a red-blue oil-like effect on the media itself. It has literally been in the retail package for around 18 months, so unless Apple DVDs decay...
The specs are actually dust on the ceiling. There are no scratches/defects on the disc itself, other than this ripple.
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Default 07-13-2009, 11:00 AM

some solutions:

1) skip the consistency check. there should be a skip button if you're using a retail dvd.
2) borrow the use of an intel mac and make yourself a usb installer. best option. your first install might not work out anyway and installing from a disc is painfully slow.
3) use disk utility to make a checksum of your retail disc. torrent an image of a retail disc (not a modded disc). checksum it. compare. if it matches, perfect.

i definitely recommend the usb route. the ssd is already super slow in my opinion, why make things worse installing from a slow source? off usb it takes under 20 min (with no printer drivers, fonts, languages, or X11). On an actual mac, installing off an internal dvd drive takes over 40, and off a usb drive about 15 minutes.
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Default 07-13-2009, 07:34 PM

Have you contacted Apple about this? They will usually replace defective DVDs for free or for a nominal fee.

Dell Mini 9 | 2 GB RAM | 64 GB STEC SSD | 16GB RiData SDHC
Triple Boot: Windows 7 | OSX 10.6 | XP
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Default 07-13-2009, 10:05 PM

Thank you for the replies. I've just gotten home, so I'm in the process of getting settled in for testing.

1) I hadn't noticed this option. I'm getting set up to try this immediately.
2) As much as I'd like to perform a speedier USB install, getting time on an Intel Mac for me would be tricky at best. Although in hind sight, I might have a friend which I can call upon... I'll have to keep that in mind.
3) Always a possibility if I want to determine the DVD is indeed shot.

I honestly wasn't sure how helpful they'd be, since the disc was purchased around 18 months ago. That's quite outside of what I normally expect to see from customer service. I may pursue the option, though.

So I fail at reading comprehension. On a Windows install, the only button would have been "Cancel." In this case, it says "Skip." Hurdle defeated.

Now I get to spend tonight exploring the reason it hates my partitions and always sees the first (NTFS w/ XP) partition as being in HFS+ format Thank you for the assistance.

Edit to the edit:
For finalization, I'm still trying to wrap my head around a working partition scheme for XP/OS X/Ubuntu, since OS X seems to badly want that EFI partition, and I can't seem to build things successfully with Gparted. I got fed up and tried a vanilla OS X install though. Initial attempt failed with about 13 minutes to go, same issue as the consistency check. However, I tried again by changing the Asus to a vertical orientation (still not ruling out drive trouble over disc trouble) and installing only the bare minimum with no optional fonts/printer drivers/etc. The install portion completed with the desired "INSTALLATION FAILED" screen, and I'm getting ready to wrap up the loose ends and see what's what. From here I may be able to make a USB install though and work from there.

Thank you for those that offered your advice, even though it was just me failing to read everything
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