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Default Re: Argh @ DHL! - 11-23-2008, 04:39 PM


Here is a story about DHL. Most the parts I get or the computers come 95% from DHL. DHL are duschbags. I live on a very very bussy road. I mean very bussy and these aholes leave big o'l Dell boxs on my front door. And you know dell boxs they have a picure of whats in side like a laptop or desktop etc. We have a few things stolen from the house but never a computer or parts yet. One time I had a XPS 720 shitting on my doorstep with a 24in LCD for 8 hours. FFS :?: :?:

I leave a message for them to put the box in the back in the kids playhouse and the aholes leave the message i wrote to them on the door for people to see. Dumb! I mean if you when you a house and seen this message on a door DHL please place my package in the kid house in the backyard. Would you think of looking at what it is? Seriously I have to add on the note PLEASE REMOVE THIS NOTE FROM MY FRONT DOOR. else they leave it.

Only service i like about DHL is the pickup service.

I mean Come on its common sence to not leave packages even ones with picture of whats in the box on the front door of a very busy road. :!: :!:

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Default Re: Argh @ DHL! - 11-24-2008, 02:05 AM

Two months is considered old?
Anyways, I was aware that they wouldn't just drop packages (well, they might according to some people) and that they weren't going to stop immediately, but it is a pretty big thing.
That said, I've been told that 98% of their work is international.

(DHL has been good for me the one time they had to deliver something. It was from ThinkGeek though, which is like a 30 minute drive away from my house. They took 2 days, but I imagine it had to go through a bunch of stuff for that to work anyways).
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Default Re: Argh @ DHL! - 11-26-2008, 04:37 AM

I've had serious isues with DHL in the past as well. I'll be glad to see them get lost. One time, I was tracking a large package that was scheduled to be delivered, right up to the day of delivery. Then it vanished. Several calls to DHL later, it turns out I'm in a "noncoverage area", so 10 days go by and FINALLY.. It shows up in a DHL truck,and it is beat up so bad that the item is more out of the box than IN it.
Not to mention a dozen other deliveries from them that just flat took WAY too long, and in the end were dropped off at the post office to be mailed to me..WTF???

On a side note, as a moderator, there is no problem with digging up old threads. I think someone is just trying to be a troll.

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Default Re: Argh @ DHL! - 11-26-2008, 02:43 PM

Originally Posted by UnaClocker
On a side note, as a moderator, there is no problem with digging up old threads.
I appreciate you saying that, you never know when something new may pop up that relates to an older thread. Good to know the moderators are behind us. Thanks!

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