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joyork joyork is offline
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Default Re: What do you use your netbook for? - 04-28-2009, 12:36 PM

Have used Linux, Windows XP and OS X on mine so far, with my fave being OS X.

Having never used a Mac before it's been a good learning experience and another thing to add to my CV/resume (I work in IT). I carry it around with me often, unlike my old laptop which used to stay at home and merely be moved from room to room.

So far I've mainly used it for email, IM and web, but it's more or less become my main computer.
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curlee357 curlee357 is offline
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Default Re: What do you use your netbook for? - 04-29-2009, 09:23 PM

perfect little machine, and the price is definitely eye popping, i use mine for a number of reason surfing, music, job search, definitely transportable with a much more ease versus a 17"!!!
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dianed dianed is offline
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Default Re: What do you use your netbook for? - 05-01-2009, 01:57 AM

I bought the Mini 9 so that I could keep up with tennis scores, email and do some of my writing in my down time at work. However, once I got it, my primary use quickly became watching Tennis TV while I am at work. The enlarged windows is just right on the netbook, whereas--on our notebook and desktop--it is too distorted. But on the netbook, I get a big screen with good resolution. I do use the netbook to check scores and email, and--once I get back to my writing--I'm sure I'll use it for that, too.

The other thing I like about it--especially for scores--is that I can use it in the kitchen while I am cooking.
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trellis trellis is offline
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Default Re: What do you use your netbook for? - 05-01-2009, 05:29 AM

I have a 4Gb netbook running Ubuntu 8.04.1. There's not much room left, but that's fine, because everything I do on it lives in the cloud in some fashion.

I use it to read my thick sheaf of RSS feeds; keep up with Twitter and Facebook; stream my and my friends' music from through a Firefox extension,; watch a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica I missed on; take notes using PyRoom and Tomboy which are synced to my desktop computer through Dropbox; keep my calendar in Google Calendar; save a lot of sites to read later using; save snippets that get synced to my desktop computer through; bookmark useful web pages which get synced to my desktop computer through and I do a lot of couch or bed surfing; the Mini is perfect for this (though i wish it had an illuminated keyboard).

I plan on upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04 in the near future. And when I'm a little more solvent, I plan to buy an SSD and convert it into a Hackintosh, which was what drew me to the Mini 9 in the first place!

It's not perfect. But for $178 + tax, this refurbished unit has proven to be an extremely useful companion.

dellmini9, 2gb memory, 4gb ssd, ubuntu 9.04 netbook remix, 4gb sd card
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excel4600c excel4600c is offline
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Default Re: What do you use your netbook for? - 05-01-2009, 04:27 PM

wanted a small/light laptop that i could take on watch movies and wi-fi. Oh and one that was easily upgradable unlike the Acer One.

Dell Studio 14z
Dell Inspiron Mini 9
Dell Inspiron Duo
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palawan palawan is offline
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Default Re: What do you use your netbook for? - 05-01-2009, 05:23 PM

i use it for most everything, except burning cd/dvd's, running bloatware or testing possibly-infected applications. i bring it everywhere with me (i have a verizon broadband internet that my work pays for). i tell people it's my iphone,

i don't write hundreds of pages of documents, but i have written a few pages on word using the mini 9.
i don't do complex spreadsheets with graphs and tables, but i fire up excel on a daily basis to make minor changes here and there, and i have created a spreadsheet or two using the mini 9.

then of course, web web web, email, video, streaming, pokerstars, no practical limits there for me. vpn to my work, remote desktop to servers is pretty awesome as it resizes the screen with no need for scroll-bars, access to remote files/folders, etc.

the key for me is managing window size and getting rid of un-necessary toolbars/status bars/menu bars and this thing called zoom. word has it, excel has it, firefox has it. i work with multiple apps at the same time, so 2gb upgrade is great. when focusing on a task, minimize all apps and activate only the one you're working with.

anyway, i bring this little thing with me, and it's actually 2 notebook computers in one tiny unit. i have dual-boot winxp and os x. i usually put win xp on hibernate, so when i reboot to winxp, it only takes about 20 seconds for windows to load and all my apps where i left off are activated as if i didn't reboot. os x boots so fast, that it's ok it does not have hibernate. when closing firefox on os x, i save so that all my windows come up next time i come back.

one thing that bothers me is the "attitute" towards the low-price of the netbooks. i actually paid $530 for mine shipped from ebay back in october because i didn't want to wait so long for dell. i would have paid double or triple that, to get the size and functionalities i have on the mini 9. am i happy the price is so low now? hell yea! coz i know if something happens to my mini 9, i can easily replace it with no hesitation, but it just seems that the low-price is something that has to be apologized for?

i have heard from 2 mac guys at work that apple will never enter the netbook market because they don't know how to make a computer that is $500 and is not junk. why does apple have to sell it for $500? they can sell it for $1000 or more. why not? for the size and portability... why not?? iphone used to sell for a lot more than what it's selling now, and it still sells for more than a mini 9 (depending on the configuration)... "rant-off" :mrgreen:


my notebook: dell inspiron 11z - 11.6" display | intel core i3 330um | 6gb ddr3 ram | 80gb Intel ssd | Linux Mint 12 OS - Cinnamon 1.4 [Virtual Machine - WinXP SP3]
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Clintre Clintre is offline
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Default Re: What do you use your netbook for? - 05-01-2009, 07:05 PM

My Mini 9 has quickly become my main computer for work. I do a lot of presenations so this little guy is perfect for that. Light and works great hooking it up to a projector with Windows 7.

I also use it for my sit anywhere and surf the net, watch videos, email, etc. machine.

The only thing I do not use it for is video editing, gaming, and other high end stuff. I have my Sager powerhouse laptop for that

XPS 13 Ultrabook
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MiniDiSpy MiniDiSpy is offline
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Default Re: What do you use your netbook for? - 05-03-2009, 03:44 PM

I originally purchased mine with the intention of installing QuickBooks on it and using it at our vendor table at trade shows... however, after having it in my hands for a few days now, I can tell you that it's going to be used a LOT more often than that... lol.

I just want to re-iterate what people here have said countless times... this is NOT intended to be your main computer. For Gaming/Graphics/Programming/Etc. you should have a regular desktop (or laptop). This is most perfect when used as they were intended to be... a small portable machine for on-the-go (or being a couch potato while at home).

I drive a mini, and now I carry a mini with me as well... hehe.
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RebelKangaroo RebelKangaroo is offline
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Default Re: What do you use your netbook for? - 05-05-2009, 08:15 PM

I wanted it as a toy to play with as well as something small to take with me when I go to fix someone else's pc. Rather then try to haul around my MacBook Pro (which is great, but I don't really like taking it everywhere) I just take the mini. Also works great for web browsing on the couch and bed. Since I have a puppy who likes to jump around everywhere, I would be far less annoyed if he knocked the Dell on the floor then if he managed to break my mbp!
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jimmymjones jimmymjones is offline
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Default Re: What do you use your netbook for? - 05-06-2009, 03:18 AM

I tour on an old beater Harley, It's killed the hard drive in every notebook I've owed but this one.

I can update my GPS maps, manage my I-pod and check my email.

I've never been able to do the trip (this will be my 14th coast 2 coast) with a functioning computer.

Let's hope !

Black Dell Mini 9, 32Gb RunCore SSD, 2GB RAM, BT, 1.3MP WebCam, UBUNTU 9.10
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