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Default The skinny on Dell's newest laptop (Adamo) - 04-22-2009, 06:11 AM

Dell's thin laptop boasts sleek design but pricetag not worth laptop's shortcomings

Own this beautiful laptop and you will be the center of attention wherever it accompanies you. The Adamo, surprisingly brought to us by Dell (who are generally associated with clunky laptops), is arguably the thinnest laptop in the world. At the laptop's side the Adamo is thinner than the Macbook Air, which it steals the title of "Thinnest Laptop," from the Macbook Air.

Price: The Adamo is a luxury product sold at $1,999, a price higher than the Macbook Air, its presumable competitor, which is priced at $1,799.

Strengths: The Adamo's name is derived from the Latin word meaning "to fall in love with" and lives up to its name at first glance.

"Great design needs to be timeless and evoke emotion in people," said Alex Gruzen, senior vice president of Dell's consumer products. "While a premium computing experience was assumed for Adamo, the intent was for people to see, touch and explore Adamo and be rewarded by the select materials and craftsmanship you would expect in a fine watch."

The Adamo scores on style in many ways. The design is minimalistic and displays incredible attention to detail. The laptop comes in two colors: metallic black and silver.

It has a backlit keyboard with stylized, slightly curved keys that give the user an easy, excellent typing experience. It has an awesome display with a screen running from one edge to the other.

In case you would like a bigger screen to play movies, the Adamo has a display port, allowing you to connect it with an external monitor or even a home theater system.

The laptop doesn't have a regular DVD drive, although there is a port to externally add one. The sides of the gadget run smoothly with the required USB and Internet ports at the back. Even the speakers are behind the monitor. The laptop has a complementary looking compact charger that completes the sleek look of the gadget.

In terms of functionality the Adamo has high storage capacity, one of the reasons why it is so expensive. For those who usually connect mobile phones to their computer, the Adamo is well equipped to make downloading easy.

The laptop's processor enables it to run on the Home premium edition of Windows Vista, which comes with the laptop.

Weaknesses: First, thin does not go hand in hand with light. The Adamo is heavy, weighing a pound more than the Macbook Air and most of its peers.

Second, the battery life, as specified by Dell, is only five hours. From personal experience, batteries last less than how much they are expected to. Hopefully, the laptop will last through a full-length movie.

Third, for people who use their DVD drives frequently, it is a hassle to have to connect an external one when you want to use it.

Moreover, the price is really outrageous for laptop offers. Most of the functionality Adamo provides comes with a medium range regular laptop priced around $700.

Paying three times the amount for getting a stylish laptop does not make a lot of sense. The laptop does not provide as extraordinary a performance as one would expect of this price.

Additionally, the Macbook Air is made of a recyclable structure, while the Adamo is constructed of aluminum.

Conclusion: Dell believes the design of the Adamo will create followers.

"Dell continues to signal a commitment to design and personalization across its entire

product line and has made significant strides forward in the past year," said Rob Enderle, the principal analyst for Enderle Group. "The Adamo laptop is a showcase for this commitment and a flagship product that will draw buyers to the brand."

The laptop is gorgeous and does strike a chord when you first see it. I am still not sure it is wise though to invest in such an unnecessary luxury in these economic times.

Ultra-slim .65 inch profile

13.4-inch widescreen

16:9 HD display

1.4Ghz/1.2GHz IntelĀ® Core 2 Duo Processor with Centrino 2 technology

4GB/2GB 800MHz DDR3 dual channel memory

Wireless N, Bluetooth 2.1, one RJ-45 port and optional Mobile Broadband

MacBook Air
.76 inch profile

13.3-inch screen

1.6GHz or 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor technology

Built-in AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi wireless networking

Built-in Bluetooth 2.1with Enhanced
Data Rate

Weighs three pounds

Studio 15 1558| Black Chainlink| i5-520M, |4GB RAM |500 GB HD@7200 |ATI HD 4570, 512K|Backlit|9 Cell|Web Cam|Windows 7 Professional x64
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