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Default Re: The $200 "Mac" (Vostro) - 04-22-2009, 11:58 PM

Originally Posted by belfastbiker
To be fair, I'd imagine quite a lot of people putting OSX onto a Dell are using various torrent site, making the OS price zero.

$100 for RAM, well I think you know that's plain misleading.

As for "can be broken at any time", I'm not swayed by such inane scare tactics. If it ballses up, I got my time machine backup.

With regards to the unibody case and CULV whatsamathinggy, I don't care. I like the price point of the mini9, and the hardward is more than good enough as is.

And Apple is smarter than you luckily, so they DO care what we do. You think the month long delay for an item that is being hackintoshed isn't on their radars?
Most people on this forum are using purchased retail copies of OS X 10.5.x. Believe me, we just had this argument in another thread.

I don't mean that RAM costs $100. 2GB of RAM costs about $25. However, Apple would charge about $100, given their penchant for making RAM upgrades hugely expensive.

By "can be broken any time" I don't mean that they'll come to your house with lead pipes, but rather that they'll merely implement a feature that just makes the Mini with OS X tank. Even though there are geniuses like meklort and the others, Apple still knows the OS far better than most people do.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Mini too! The pricepoint is amazing, and for what it is, it's unbelievable. I'm just saying that Apple could release a much faster, sleeker, shinier product for a relatively sane pricepoint, and completely dwarf the sales of the Mini. They might not, but the fact that it'd be an Apple-released, -designed, and -supported product has an enormous cachet.

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