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Default Question Regarding Digital Media, Morality and Legality - 04-20-2009, 10:12 PM

Hey there,
Just like to know if it is legal in the UK (or US out of interest) to rip videos bought legitimately on DVD, VHS (not sure why anyone would but whatever) to their computer for use for example to watch on an SD card on the Mini9? I staunchly believe if I have paid my money to the creators/producers/corporation in charge of the show for a DVD then I should be free to rip it to my computer and have it stored in an easily accessed location (hard drive/SD card) for me to watch. Also as DVDs are quite prone to scratching would help preserve the media for a longer amount of time.

Likewise, if I own the DVD of a video and don't want to bother ripping it to a digital format, would it still be illegal to download the file from a non-reputable source? (Or getting it via torrent and not seeding/sending to others, as discourteous as it is for arguments' sake).

Just been something I have been interested in, particularly after hearing all the rumours in the years past about playing 'backups' of games you may legitimately own.

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Default Re: Question Regarding Digital Media, Morality and Legality - 04-21-2009, 12:16 AM

Downloading would not be legal in this case (and especially the upload). Ripping a DVD you purchased could be defensible, though the movie industry would call you a criminal for that, but it could be considered a backup copy. There's wide acceptance to ripping CDs, though DVDs have copy protection which should prevent you from ripping and circumventing that could be a violation of the US DMCA.

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Default Re: Question Regarding Digital Media, Morality and Legality - 04-21-2009, 01:43 AM

Given my well known arguing against software theft many would think that they would be able to predict my opinion on obtaining digital media in any other means other than in the manner that it was purchased but...

I feel (how I feel does not make it legal) that as long as a legal version is owned then any copy that is very similar copy of the original would constitute fair use.

I mean that if I have the CD of a particular piece of music and I obtained or made a copy that was to be used in the same manner but not at the same time that would be fair use. Using multiple copies of the same software or entertainment media would not be fair use.

Microsoft recognizes that you may choose to load your legally purchased copy of 2008 OFFICE on multiple computers. When you start it the software checks within the local network to see if another copy is in use. If it detects one it will not operate and tell you that it has detected the other copy as a reminder.

What I feel is not fair use is when this singe copy is being used in multiple places at the same time with out being properly licensed.

I operate from the standpoint of the original poster;

How I use my copy is my business.

In the US it is still against the DCMA. But we do it anyway and to my knowledge there have been no successful lawsuits or criminal cases against anyone making a "fair use" copy of legally obtained media.

I have nearly all the premium/pay TV channels. There are shows that I have missed recording on my Tivo (Rescue Me). Would it be wrong for me to find a copy at the same resolution (no higher than the original) somewhere out on the Internet?

Realize that I can wait a few days and catch it on HULU.

I paid for that ability to watch the show but I missed it. I say it is not wrong but it is probably illegal (I am sure it is).

If I have a legal copy of Gladiator and I want to watch it for the 14th time on my iPOD, should I be forced to buy another copy from the Apple Store? Trust me I wouldn't. I would either rip it myself or find a copy.

If I have a copy of the DiVinci Code in printed form, that does not give me the right to have it in audio form or the movie as fair use. I do, however, think that a digital copy, be it TIF or PDF or some other digital means does equal the printed form. This is unless the producer created some means to index or search the file. If that were so then having another copy would be like having purchased a low-res copy of Gladiator from the Apple Store and because of having that legitimate copy I can go out and find an ISO of the original movie and call it fair use. I would say not.

If the viewing software does the indexing then I feel that any readable copy is fair use.

In short I feel that the individual knows what is a legitimate copy. We know when it isn't right. We know that if we are sharing copies of software to others so they would not have to pay for it is not fair.

I associate the MPAA or RIAA or DMCA or the Authors Guild acts the way they do many times out of stupidity and greed.

But nonetheless many times they make stupid actions based of active theft of products all over the world.

When people stop trying to get over on someone else these limitations will cease.

That will happen when there are no more wars, illness, pollution or death.

That will happen when we all fall into the singularity of the black hole in our Milky Way

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Default Re: Question Regarding Digital Media, Morality and Legality - 04-25-2009, 01:17 AM

Bring on the Black Holes !!! :lol:

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