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Default new area for Android will be in netbooks - 04-19-2009, 04:26 PM ... src=kc_top

April 17, 2009 (IDG News Service) Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt on Thursday predicted good times ahead for Android, the company's mobile phone operating system and software.

"Overall, it looks like Android is going to have a very strong year," he said during the company's first-quarter investors' conference.

New announcements of Android-related products and partnerships with mobile phone service providers and device makers will be "quite significant" this year, he said.

One new area for Android will be in netbooks, the mini-laptops that have become popular over the past year.

Companies have started putting Android into netbooks and other mobile Internet devices largely on their own, not at Google's prodding, he said.

Taiwan's Asustek Computer, which pioneered commercial netbooks, is rumored to be working on an Eee PC netbook that uses Android as its OS, while other Taiwanese companies are also reportedly developing such products.

Android could become the first real challenger to Microsoft's Windows XP in netbooks.

More here:
Why Android-Powered Netbooks Could Kill WindowsApril 1, 2009 (PC World) Cutting costs is crucial for computer manufacturers and the buying public, which explains the flourishing popularity of Netbooks -- mini-sized and budget-priced laptop computers. But how can manufacturers dice the price even further? Hewlett-Packard might have the answer: use Google's Android OS instead of Microsoft's Windows. The combination is perfect for three reasons.


Microsoft slaps hefty licensing fees on the use of its Windows OS, whereas Google charges no such fee for Android. The Linux-based Android could save HP, and other Netbook manufacturers, loads of money, and thereby allow for price cuts. Consider HP's Mini 1000 MIE (Mobile Internet Experience), the Linux-based version of its popular Mini 1000 series. The Mini 1000 MIE was priced at $379, compared to Windows-based iterations of the same computer that fetched $549.


It might take a while for those used to the Windows experience to grow accustomed to Android, and many would be hesitant to make the switch. However, Google has become a trusted name in the industry. Those tired of dropping top dollar for Windows may find themselves gravitating to the Android alternative, and as this trend progress, open-source Android would evolve into a richer, more popular experience, giving Google a considerable advantage in a Microsoft-congested OS battleground. That kind of exposure could bolster Google into a powerful position in the computer biz.


Netbooks are primarily aimed at the casual computing crowd, so what better OS than one originally intended for a device that fits in the palm of your hand? Windows can be a complicated, fickle beast -- especially the much-hated Vista -- that's packed with memory-hogging features that are useless to those who just want to surf the Web and write e-mail. Android on a Netbook can streamline the computing process with a simple UI and online-based applications, such as Google Docs. Google was practically born to serve straightforward means.

HP is currently "studying" the Android OS and refuse to speculate on future products that may or may not happen. But the stars are aligned, and it looks like HP could hit one out of the park -- and crush its competition -- if these speculations became reality. ... Id=9130878

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