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Question Acer Aspire One - 11-03-2008, 12:05 PM

How would you compare the Aspire One against the dell mini 9.

I might what to change

Dell Mini 9: Black, WinXP, 1GB RAM, 8GB SSD, Vodafone 3G Built in (This is cool). 250GB USB HDD, 4GB SD Card. ITunes, Office 2007, Blackberry Desktop software.
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Default Re: Acer Aspire One - 11-03-2008, 02:33 PM

A friend of mine and I just had a Mini 9 (mine) and an Aspire One side-by-side.

The Acer is about 3/4" wider than the Dell, and its keyboard runs most of the way to the edge of the case, so it's got a more normal layout. The letter keys on the Dell are quite a bit taller (closer to square) and maybe a tiny bit wider. But the "miscellaneous" keys are smaller, and of course there are no function keys.

The thickness and depth are just about identical, except that the Acer's 6-cell battery sticks out & down from the back.

The LCDs are just about identical from the brief comparison we did.

The Dell's trackpad is much bigger, and its buttons are on the bottom. Buttons on the side (like the Acer or the new HP) would be a deal-breaker for me.

He says he gets 6-7 hours out of the Acer 6-cell battery, but it does add weight and sticks out at an angle. I'm getting ~4 hours from the Dell.

The Acer (at least this one) has a fan and a spinning disk, so is not 100% silent like the Dell. OTOH it has much more storage.

I think the speakers on the Dell are a little better than the Acer, primarily due to placement, but neither is gonna impress anybody who cares about sound quality.
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Default Re: Acer Aspire One - 11-03-2008, 03:08 PM

I've had and used both. While Dell was taking an eternity to fulfill my order, I ordered an AAO to see if I would be satisfied with that. (I knew early on I wanted the completely silent operation of the Dell, so sold the Acer to a buddy.) Like the other responder, this was the 6-cell version, so it's extra size and weight were noticed. Then again, so was 6+ hours of battery life.

The other responder is right, the Acer's keyboard is more normal...all the right keys in all the right places. But that does make for smaller keys and less space for the trackpad. The Acer's fan runs a lot, and while not loud, it isn't silent. I like the screen on the Dell a bit more; it seems to have better contrast (and both screens only have brightness adjustments). But other than that slight difference, the screens are of similar quality.

I am more fond of the feel of the Dell: the silent mouse buttons with a satisfying click, the solid feel and pleasant sound of the keys, the solidity of the unit. The Acer is good in all those areas, but I prefer the Dell.

The other big factor for me is that the Acer is very hard to upgrade. You have to take the whole thing apart to upgrade RAM, and even then you can only go to 1.5GB. There is no Bluetooth option if you want that. You do start out with a much larger HD, but the SSD on the Mini is easy to upgrade.

That's all I can think of. If you have other specific questions, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do.


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