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Default Re: Airport Antics - 03-17-2009, 10:08 PM

I agree with you but I didn't say older people play CD's. I was saying that some older people rather keep things old fashion and simple. I speak from my experiences being on the phone everyday for 7 hours helping people troubleshoot issues and answer tech questions on high end devices. This turned into a converstations about why he said what he said. It's not that serious. I actually applaud the people who take the iniative to educate themselves on new tech.

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Default Re: Airport Antics - 03-17-2009, 10:53 PM

Originally Posted by Brewster
Originally Posted by gQstatus05
Must people come in here and question the OP about age? Seriously it's not even a big deal worth bringing up. He meant it in a sense that older people probably don't care too much for technology as we younger people do. Some people rather play CD on their portable CD players than buy an iPod. Chillaxx
A better question might be - why do you think older people care less for technology that you do? And why do you assume all we do is play CD's rather than buy an iPod.

Well ... I don't have an iPod because I don't subscribe to the "latest and greatest - gotta have it no matter what it costs" thinking. I simply think Apple takes advantage of that mind set and overprices every one of their gadgets. Both my son and I have Zunes. Much cheaper and much more friendly technology, imo.

Further - to the point that both you and the previous poster erroneously made ... none of us older folks complained about the OP's characterization of our generation. What we did take exception to was the equally erroneous idea that because of our ages we somehow could not grasp the idea of technology at all.

While it's true that many of our generation are not the least bit interested in computers, the web, etc. - it's equally true that many of your own generation have better things to do than play video games, surf the web, do text messaging, etc.

It has nothing to do with age. It has everything to do with curiosity and learning new things. Despite what the younger generation may think, age does not stifle the need to learn new things. In fact, as we age - we realize that we are not quite as smart as we thought we were. That's something the younger crowd should keep in mind
Again, that's not how I read it at all. He said that quite a few people were looking at his Mini. That one of them happened to be older than the rest does not mean that one person was the target of his comments. Seriously, I don't see an issue with his comments. What I took from it was that everyone was digging his Mini.

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Default Re: Airport Antics - 03-20-2009, 10:59 AM

Haha, I am starting to find this post humorous. I started this post nearly 2 weeks ago just to share my excitement about everyone else's excitement about my mini. Tracking? How it turned into an old man/young man battle is very interesting. I am sure I am going to stir up more trouble, but is everyone really that sensitive on this topic?? Grow some balls America, it was just a comment.

*note* This post was not intended to offend anyone; however, if it did offend someone great! It was not directed at any individual or group so your offense comes from being convicted of my statement. Have a great day, today is my last MCSE test! Huuuaaaah!

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Default Re: Airport Antics - 03-20-2009, 05:28 PM

Seriously though it's not that serious. I'm going to start handing out saddles so they can continue to ride my and the OP's balls.

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Default Re: Airport Antics - 03-20-2009, 11:37 PM

Behave Children!

and Elders :P

Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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