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Default HELP WITH MINI DECISIONS, 9 or 12, GOOD DEAL? HELP ASAP - 02-04-2009, 03:46 AM

Well, I have decided to join the Netbook phase as I will be taking alot of trips here toward the end of school.... Here is what I thoght would be good, but first I have a few questions...
1. Can I upgrade to 2gb of RAM on the Mini 12?
2. What is the Barrter life with wireless off and on a 6 cell battery?
3. Would it be worth it to get it with vista?
4. What is a good CD drive?
5. What is a good case?
6. Will this be good for itunes, Movie watching off of a hard drive, Youtube (without lagging alot), myspace, IM, forums, Word Processing, browsing the net, music, photos? Just a good little entertainment computer?
7. So basically would this be smart for me to get it since I will be using:
Some Word, not alot
to tide me over for a year or two
To watch movies, listen to mucic, go on youtube, myspace, internet, picture uplopads, messing around, and just regular internet use?
8. With the Mini 9 do I have to do alot of scrollign with the web pages?
9. Will it be noticably faster than the Mini 12?
10. For my needs, which owuld you recommend?
EDIT: I found a mini 12 upgraded with XP Pro, 1gig ram, 80gig HDD, BT, Web Cam, and charger with resotre disks... As a backup to my school computer, a travel computer, and a movie watcher, would it be a good deal for under $400? I have a desktop gaming rig at home...


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Default Re: HELP WITH MINI DECISIONS, 9 or 12, GOOD DEAL? HELP ASAP - 02-04-2009, 11:32 PM

I'm going to skip a couple of your questions (I have a 9 not a 12).

1. No 2GB upgrade for Mini 12. The chipset limits it to 1GB.
4. A lot of people around here (myself included) have gotten internal CD/DVD drives with external enclosures. It is about the cheapest solution.
5. Dell sells several cases for the Mini 9. It really depends on what you need.
6. Yes. It is a good little media computer. However, I've had a little choppiness with higher res. videos in iTunes.
7. sure
8. I don't have to scroll too much for the sites I visit. I had an Everex Cloudbook which required mega amounts of horizontal scrolling because of the 800X480 resolution. Using the fullscreen mode in your browser is quite helpful too.
9. One of the main differences between the 12 and the 9 is the hard drive. The 9 uses a solid state drive, and the 12 uses a 1.8" HDD. From my experience, 1.8" HDDs tend to be a bottleneck.
10. Whatever floats your boat.

Check the outlet for deals (if you haven't already). There are coupons sometimes.

p.s. All caps hurts my head.

Dell Mini 9 - Black, 2gb RAM, 16gb SSD, webcam, Ubuntu 9.10 & Windows XP
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