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Default How to end up typing one handed, the bad way. - 02-03-2009, 02:53 PM

Well I I'll spare you pics because no one wants to see this.

Last night cooking I ended up slipping with the knife and got myself something fierce on the inside of the middle knuckle of my middle finger on my right hand. Good thing fingers have bones in them otherwise I would have made a shishkibob. Moral of the story is, no matter how interesting the video, pay attention to what you're doing with your knives, no matter how good you are with them. (In all my years I've never managed to cut myself before, even though whittling is a hobby of mine.)

The main reason I post this here is typing one-handed is completely lame, and I felt the need to say that sometimes I'm a moron.

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Default Re: How to end up typing one handed, the bad way. - 02-03-2009, 03:41 PM

sorry to hear about your dilemma. dont worry as long as you heal up. I remember when I broke a few bones in my hand, I had to get used to typing with one hand. It was interesting... in fact I think I got really good at it. I was playing one of those word scramble games and after 3 weeks of playing, I tripled my highest score using on hand. After that I got the use of my thumb/part of my palm which made things a little easier/faster. The part that sucks is when your hand is "healed" and you try to type like you used to... it just takes time.

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