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Default Electronic's noises - 01-27-2009, 06:56 PM

Who here is sensitive to the high pitched squeaks, squeals, hums, drums, and otherwise silently noisy oscillations of electronic equipment in action? On the previous two laptops before my mini I could tell if they were powered up by the pulsing sound of it discharging from battery power. TVs? Thank god for LCDs, those tubes drove me nuts. A roommate would leave the TV on but muted and I could tell it was running without even looking. And now my fanless/noiseless mini9 has joined the bunch. I can hear it running; I think it's that bright white power LED.

Sure, you never hear these things with ambient noise around you when you're out and about (even a fan or AC can drown it out), but when surfing from the couch or the bed, when everything else is off... there it is, sqqquueeeeeee sqqquueeeeeee sqqquueeeeeee

So, what devices do you own that you can tell are running, whether you want to or not, by their ephemeral electronic emanations?
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Default Re: Electronic's noises - 01-27-2009, 07:06 PM

Oh, I am SO with you!

I used to have a cheaper Toshiba laptop that had a whine from the screen. Drove me nuts.

I have to shut my two monitors off at night 'cause I can hear the LED flashing when they're in sleep mode.

I have to carefully place the power brick for my JBL Creature speakers so I don't hear it's hum reverberating.

At night, I can hear my roommates Acer Aspire One fan running through the heat vent in the wall.

I had to switch light bulbs in my desk lamp 'cause I could hear the high efficiency (CFL?) one and it drove me bonkers.

I can hear the RF signal (?) from my wireless Microsoft mouse when I move or scroll. (It might be something else that I hear, but it is only when moving or scrolling.)

At my old job I could tell when someone was using the bathroom two floors below 'cause I could hear the exhaust fan.

Sensitive ears can totally be a curse.

But I LOVE the silent operation of the Mini. That was THE selling point that made it rank above all others. (And I haven't heard the LED yet...)

Good question!


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Default Re: Electronic's noises - 01-27-2009, 07:25 PM

Originally Posted by jej.514
I had to switch light bulbs in my desk lamp 'cause I could hear the high efficiency (CFL?) one and it drove me bonkers.
I completely forgot about those. It's especially annoying when they first turn on and are "warming up".
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Default Re: Electronic's noises - 01-28-2009, 05:16 AM

Only thing I really have a hard time hearing is peoples voices. Electronics drive me crazy, literally. before my grandfather passed, when we would stay at his place, he would have the TV on with headphones cuz he was deaf(not really but SuperBad hearing) and the sound up so high that the TV would emit this high pitch whine. Same with my surround sound components, if no sound on I can hear this oscillating noise that drives me bugf**k but no one else can hear.

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Default Re: Electronic's noises - 01-28-2009, 10:36 AM

OMG! I thought I was the only one who can hear electronics! I've never met anyone who knew what I was talking about. "Yeah, you could hear the TV was on, so what?" My family just knew that I could tell when some electronic devices were on; they never questioned it.

But, wow, I guess my hearing's not as sensitive as zeroprime's. I've always heard the noises, but not the oscillations. And I've yet to hear my Mini make any noises, but that's probably because I can't find any silence here.

Interestingly, just like jdizzle, I sometimes have a hard time hearing peoples' voices, though I can hear so many things others can't.
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