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Default Low resource software applications for Dell Mini - 04-16-2012, 06:01 PM

Trying to trim down on the software I use on the 1010, I have found a number of low resource consumption software titles that are as good or better than the ones they replaced. About the only two programs I didn't find replacements for were Zonealarm and Skype, and I am sure with a little digging I could find something.

Instead of Winamp try Foobar2000. Very customizeable to the point of being complicated, plays almost any audio file, has a fairly robust skinning community, and it takes about a third of the system resources that Winamp uses. Make sure to click the File Operations option on setup. Also load the Columns UI plugin for a lot more display options, as well as preset equalizer settings.

Instead of Adobe Reader, try SumatraPDF. Recently updated to 2.0.1, ridding your netbook of the littany of BHO's and adobe reader agents is a plus in itself, but Sumtra is also a lot quicker and cleaner than the much more bloated Adobe Reader. If you need javascript for editable forms, or you needed embedded flash, or a browser plugin, this isn't for you. Need a quick light PDF reader for magazines or Ebooks? This is perfect. Add the free Epub Reader plugin to Mozilla Firefox to cover all your Ebook bases.
Free PDF Reader - Sumatra PDF

VLC Player for video replaces a long and growing list of videoplayers.
VideoLAN - Official page for VLC media player, the Open Source video framework!

Instead of WinZip or WinRar, try the free 7-zip. Not as many free options in compressing files, but if you need a free and light program to unzip or unrar files, 7-zip is perfect. Use settings to disable shell integration to speed up performance on a netbook.

More of an enhancement tool than a replacement, Battery Care adds temperature gauges, a more complete battery remaining figure, and helpful gauge to tell you when you netbook battery needs a full discharge cycle. In the help section it tells you how to do a full discharge cycle, tells you why you occasionally need to do one, and it can tell you the orginal design capacity of your battery and how much that max charge has degraded over time (mine went from 57720 mWh to 50480 mHw).

Although I haven't found a better print utility than the stock Epson one that came with my printer, Iprint helps you cut down on printing unneccessary pages. It does run in the background, but it is a light program and if you print a lot of documents this could save a lot of unnecessary pages. There is another bookmarklet which helps reduce waste when printing webpages (Printliminator). Neither of these is a full print management utility, still seems like an area where a good open source option is needed.
Print Multi-Up | Eco-Friendly Printing

For basic audio editing on the netbook I have stopped using Sony Soundforge and started using Audacity. Pretty quick learning curve, not as many audio filters as some of the paid options, but most of the paid options are several hundred dollars more expensive. Cutting together podcasts or interviews in Audacity works very well, good noise reduction filter (google TekZilla for this tutorial). Need to download the LAME plug-in to export to MP3.

Instead of putting a copy of Word/Excel on my netbook I have been using notepad/wordpad, and google docs. For Photoshop there isn't really a sufficient replacement (although I haven't gone higher than an older version of CS2 on a netbook). is a little easier to use and more robust than GIMP, but it still is not quite there yet. For video editing, which is possible in a very basic form on a netbook, you can try Windows Live Moviemaker or download the older WMM 2.6 version which may run a little better. Also going to give the Lightworks public beta a try (Lightworks), but this may be a task too great for the 1GB 1010.

Filezilla and uTorrent are good light programs for FTP and P2P.

Anything I missed that you would recommend?

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Default 04-18-2012, 12:28 PM

Nice list. A few of these are available for Linux as well ie. VLC, Gimp etc.

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Default 04-19-2012, 02:56 PM

upgrading the 1010 to 2gb would help too it did wonders for mine

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Default 05-12-2012, 01:37 PM

For most light graphic work, try . It is not an program, it is a website where you can easily do photo editing, graphics etc. Can't get much lighter than that.

I also use Google Docs for Office-type stuff, the version of Linux I use is oriented towards that.

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Default 05-14-2012, 08:31 PM

Never tried, I'll give it a shot. Just started using Google Docs. Took me a while to figure out most of the functionality is available in Chrome or Firefox, not IE. Just downloaded their infographic template.

Also experimenting with Comodo firewall as opposed to Zonealarm. The footprint is much smaller and less nag screens/bloatware, but configuring it accurately is going to take a while to learn.
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ScottLott ScottLott is offline
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Default 07-04-2012, 10:35 PM

For graphic editing on lightweight setups I use Photoshop 7. It's probably not as advanced as the GIMP but I'm more familiar with the software, so it works great.

I've used Comodo Internet Security as a replacement for Zone Alarm:
Free Internet Security, Download Internet Security Software Suite - Comodo
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