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Default Re: Rocketdock setup - 03-03-2009, 03:05 AM

Originally Posted by bunjin
Originally Posted by strider_mt2k
Ended up uninstalling it.

It's neat to look at and all but didn't offer me any real benefits.
Ditto for me.

edited 1-27-09: I'm not that good with a touch pad. I had the dock at the bottom of my screen. I would keep popping or dragging a icon onto my desk top, deleting it.

I just felt it wasn't for me, even though it looks cool.
i installed it and like it alot on my mini 9. you can change it so it just on the desktop which i did. on another note relitive to the recycle bin. i tried the hide icons and it messed my desktop up, but if you google delete recycle bin it fixes the prob. with that done i have a clean easy to use desktop.
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Default Re: Rocketdock setup - 03-09-2009, 04:13 AM

I've had Rocketdock installed for about 15 mins now and so far I think it's pretty cool. I do love all the customization options and the fact it doesn't add more clutter on my desktop. Auto hide is completely necessary IMHO otherwise it is annoying to constantly see.

I might end up deleting it if it has incompatibilities with my current setup, but so far, so good. I can't wait to show my g/f that I have another cool utility on my Dell Mini.

(She has Mini envy...) :lol:

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Default Re: Rocketdock setup - 03-12-2009, 08:39 PM

Newbie here..just wanted to say.. I love Rocketdock..
I've had it on my Mini 9 for about 3 weeks...Hides at the top...
with a clean desktop...I think it's cool..

On Line gaming addict....

Cherry Red Mini 9..64GB Runcore SSD...2GB Ram....16GB SDHC card, BT...Win XP Home, Logitech mouse
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Default Re: Rocketdock setup - 03-13-2009, 04:23 PM

I had mine located at the bottom of the screen and it kept popping up when I tried to select a window. I'd have rocketdock pop up over the taskbar then I'd click and end up booting a game. Didn't like it at all.

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