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Default Re: Standard Virus Protection From Dell - 01-28-2009, 10:49 PM

If you want free, I hear AntiVir is good. I put NOD32 on my mini.
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Default Re: Standard Virus Protection From Dell - 01-31-2009, 11:33 AM

Originally Posted by holmes4
Suggesting that users switch operating systems just to avoid viruses is not helpful. It's also playing ostrich.
I disagree wholly. First I suggested AVG and then if that didn't give them adequate results I recommended linux. This seems especially pertinent since the mini takes so well to it. I mean if being on windows is what's leading to your problems and your AV program isn't cutting it for what you expect it's not a bad option even for a newbie.

Also I made a lot of other common sense (that isn't so common) recommendations that apply to multiple platforms. So just trying to write me off as nothing but a linux pundit is kind of missing that I'm not just reading off dogma.
Originally Posted by Circs
Use a firewall. No not your feeble windows firewall, set it up on your router and get an honest to goodness firewall program. Do your research on what you download. Use Firefox. Use Noscript. Do not run as root. Install your updates in a timely fashion.

Take as many of those steps as you are willing to, each one helps. (Especially updates)
See? I preach the word of security and good judgment to everybody :geek:

Originally Posted by holmes4
Mac OS users used to be as smug as you
No one is as smug as I. No one. Ever. :mrgreen: Heck, peacocks think I have too much swagger.
Originally Posted by holmes4
I've never ever had a virus on any computer I ran, on any OS.
Nor have I, unless I intended to. (I do strange things for entertainment. See: for humorous exaggeration.) :lol:

Originally Posted by holmes4
I'll see your 18 years and raise you another 17, including being an OS developer.
Good on ya, and thank you if you've done any open source work. However, my judgment and recommendations stand regardless of how long you've been in the industry. I don't think you really disagree with me, I think you take umbrage with how I present myself. (Not an uncommon reaction)

(However given your math you've had an unfair head start on me. My mother didn't think to provide me a computer before I was conceived.)

Of course differing opinions, even of professionals, are what make the world go round.

So I say again: Firewalls both SW and HW, Updates, Strong Passwords, Firefox (or at least not IE!), Research, and most importantly common sense.

Back on topic, AVG has always served me well with my windows users.

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