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Default GMA 500 Update Windows 7: Mac Like Smooth Scrolling : Future Open GL 2.0 - 06-05-2010, 07:41 PM

Hi guys :], I don't have actually own a dell mini anymore. sold all of them :[. But I did go and buy a ASUS 1201HAB with a GMA 500. The main reason I upgraded because of the screen resolution of 1366x768 it's lovely. I remember having my dell mini 12 and having the horror experience of the GMA 500. It's come a long way but it's not perfect but I found some tricks and got futures update for my fellow GMA 500 users :].

At my university we use these huge ebooks file in pdf and my dell mini 10v osx handle them fine. When i open it with my Asus with the GMA500 it SUFFERED [although after switching from foxit reader to adobe reader, it still sucked].
Another thing i hated is the webpage scrolling on this gma 500 it's horrible, you can see all the jagged edges. My iphone 3G scroll smooth on webpages in safari. The iphone and the GMA 500 have similar chipsets mmm.. What if I told you there was a fix for all this :].

I'm using this <- specific IEGD driver design for windows xp but updates fine on windows 7. Don't use the LATEST 10.3 IEDG, that cause sleep not to work on asus. You will lose Aero Support, but even with the regular GMA 500 driver with aero off it's scrolling is very jagged.

After installing the driver my google chrome scrolling is as smooth as my iphone! and on my friends macbook pro! I love how fluid it is :], it's amazing. I might do a youtube video If i have time. Now I read my school ebook with ease.

My conclusion why it works: The regular GMA 500 driver uses 10.1 Direct X but only Open GL 1.1 which limits it's functionality. The IEGD version uses 9.0 direct x but utilities Open GL 2.0 and 1.4, which allows windows to scroll smoothly. Not to mention it doubles 3Dmark01 score :] 1K to 2K.

Future Update: According to the GMA 500 windows developer team open gl 2.0 is coming out to regular GMA 500 drivers..
-March 19, 2010 6:29 AM PDT
"Hi there,
Regarding your query on OGL support on GMA500 platform...
GMA500 Windows gfx team has started working on OGL support. Based on my knowledge OGL 2.0 is being targeted for Win7 OS driver. For Linux OS driver version, already OGL 2.0 support is available.
Hope this answers your querstion "


Cheers guys :]! Hope this helps

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