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Default Anyone refuse (or return to sender) a Dell refurb? - 06-02-2010, 11:59 PM

Just wondering what I'm in for if I do this? It would be unopened box. Any experience with this? Did Dell charge you re-stocking fees and/or shipping? Preferably replies based on experience, not conjecture, many thanks.

EDIT: why? Higher capacity battery listed in system details when looking in the outlet, but smaller one when listed in order confirmation e-mail (and I have no way to prove that since once you order the system details pop up window is gone, as in out of the outlet, of course - know what I mean?)

EDIT: Caught it before it shipped - canceled - phwew!! (Still would be curious about the above scenario though)
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Default 06-03-2010, 01:13 AM

I think once you get it its yours...return = 15%+....if unopened...who knows? should require a signature...dont sign...or dont be home.....

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Default 06-03-2010, 10:40 AM

That's a shame, I've heard nothing but good experiences from the Dell outlet, they always seem exaggerate any blemishes/scratches o the device to cover themselves, so the end product is always better than it sounds.

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Default 06-03-2010, 11:46 AM

Originally Posted by Dunhamzzz View Post
That's a shame, I've heard nothing but good experiences from the Dell outlet, they always seem exaggerate any blemishes/scratches o the device to cover themselves, so the end product is always better than it sounds.
Yeah, I really can't complain - never had any problems - and fortunately was able to cancel it w/ no trouble either - they've really been good about it. So all in all I wouldn't even hesitate to buy from them at any time.
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Default 06-20-2010, 01:27 AM

Glad to hear some good reviews about the Dell outlet. I have never bought anything from it; but I am considering.
I have been having a 1010 for the past 14 months and have grown quite fond of it. But (and I know they are not the prettiest netbooks in the world) I am taking a hard look at the 1012.
They are starting to offer some pretty good deals. I found several with the HD screen, Broadcom display, 250 HD, Bluetooth, N wifi, 6 cell battery and Win 7; all for only 350$.
While it isn't much quicker than the 1010, the price is tempting. I need to find out if it will run any Linux distro in higher resolution than 1024X600. If it does I may have to consider snapping up a 1012. My 1010 is fine with XP and Win 7.
While I still love my little 1010; it does not do any Linux distro very well and I have tried Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Mandriva. I would love to be able to pop in all the SD/HC cards I have them mounted on and boot the 1012 up in a higher resolution than 1024X600.
I haven't seen much mention of Linux on the 1012. Is there a reason for this. fdalbor

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Default 08-11-2010, 04:14 PM

I've had good and bad experiences with Dell outlet. In some cases everything was flawless, while in others there were errors and problems. If what you receive is damaged or not exactly what you ordered, you can call and either return the item and have your money returned, or have an exchange sent to you along with a return slip. In both scenarios the process is free to you.

In my case I ordered a Mini 1012 from the outlet. what arrived had a broken hanging key, a filthy chassis, and a lid that was scratched to hell.

I called and they offered me the options listed above. I chose the exchange. they told me it would take up to 16 days to process the exchange, which was ridiculous since the 1012 is an off the shelf unit and they had literally hundreds with my configuration available online. I spoke to a manger and the exchange was expedited. I got the replacement 2 days later. here is where the surprises started. First the original order was for a 1012 with a 160gb HD. the replacement came with a 325GB HD (I've heard of Dell enhancing the specs on replacements in order to appease customers who have experienced problems. Nice surprise. However, when I opened the machine to upgrade the ram, I found that one of the main corner chassis screws was never installed, they forgot to put the Ram compartment door back in, and they never bolted the hard drive down. Getting them to send me the Ram door and the missing screws took a fair number of phone calls, getting passed form person to person and from department to department, ultimately talking to a department head, and some cursing and raised voices. you would think sending a customer 3 screws and a 5 cent door would be an easy thing, but trust me, it is not - at least not at dell. eventually the missing parts were sent and to their credit they sent extras of every screw I needed. The machine is now up to spec - though I have since upgraded the screen and will be upgrading the WLAN card and adding a bluetooth module in the next few days.

Despite the headaches, I am very pleased with the outlet 1012. The catch here is that I know enough to fix the deficiencies myself, so the large price savings where worth it even if the machine had some short comings (which it no longer does). If I would have had to rely on Dell to fix things, I don't know that I would have bought from the outlet.
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