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Post Bad service - 05-31-2010, 12:15 AM

I have tried several times to get an answer from Dell regarding service but never a response from them. Then this morning I tried to log onto I hate Dell websites and somehow I am blocked from them all. So now it means contacting authories. I will try using another computer to make sure it is just my computer.

This is my complaint from October Last year and still no answer. The original email was sent to their technician who had to come out and fix all the problems with the virus. He was helpful but Dell computers is sone item I will never purchase again.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I recently bought a Dell computer. Once I had this computer for 14 days I started to get messages from McAfee that I had to renew with them as my virus protection was about to expire. Then I got a message that it had expired. This was when I had only had the computer for 15 days. The contract with you was cover for 30 days. In this instance you are in breach of the sale conditions which guarantee coverage for 30 days.
I did contact Dell but still nothing was done.
Then I got a virus.
You eventually had to send someone out.
He had to come twice and below is an email I sent him after his second visit. This was sent 30/9/2009.

When I realised there was something wrong with the computer I phoned Dell at about 8.45 in the morning. I waited for over 30 minutes. At that stage I could wait no longer so hung up. About 10 minutes later when I had finished what I was doing I phoned again. I was told that the waiting time had increased. However after waiting 10minutes I had to hang up again. Not everyone can just leave what they are doing to wait for Dell to get their act together, especially when the waiting time is so long. Time is important to everyone and when a company consumes your time, as far as I am concerned they are a dead loss. Dell is a dead loss and I will never deal with them again. This time the waiting time was 33 mins. I waited the 33 mins. I eventually got onto someone in technical support but not too long into the conversation the phone went dead. I have no idea whether he hung up on me or whether something just went wrong with the phone.

I waited 5 minutes hoping he would ring me but he didn't. So I rang yet again and this time the waiting period was even longer. My time is precious and as Technical support was not much of a help and as I felt I just could not wait so long again I phoned and got put through to customer care. Well customer care is actually staffed with robots. First question is them asking for an order number. When you explain you don't have a problem with the order (I had received the computer) they cannot deal with it. No recognition that customer care is far more than running after orders. No one in Dell has any understanding of what customer care is. Several times I got put on waiting only to get to the next person who asks the same question, order number please. You explain yet again this is not about the delivery of an order but you want to speak to a manager. Their stock answer is that they have no authority to put you through to a supervisor. I then ask for their name and then instantly without giving me their name I am in the line up yet again. Then after waiting someone answers the phone and the first question is order number please. I once again explain how angry I am and what I want. Still no satisfaction so I ask for their name. Then yet again over and over no name is given and I am in yet another line up just to eventually be asked for order number again. Once again the process repeats it self. Then the process repeats itself yet again and yet again and yet again and yet again. Over and over and over and over. In total I ended up spending more than 4 hours trying to get help.

The staff can only deal with certain types of questions. They won't give their names. They won't put you through to a supervisor. There is no customer care at all. They actually just have no understanding of the term "customer care".

I then phoned the number for Frenches Forest only to find I am on the same merry go round.

I can hardly understand these people which makes it even worse and so frustrating. I ended up in tears several times through sheer frustration and lack of care on the part of Dell.

There is no way for anyone to get off the merry go round. Dell is all over you when you order the computer but once they have your money they do not care.

Dell sends out customer questionaires to see how satisfied you are but you never get a questionaire when you are unhappy with them so their statistics on customer satisfaction are totally wrong.

I am grateful for you taking the extra time to come out again, especially when in this part of the world getting here takes a lot of time.

However Dell are in breach of their contract with me to supply 30 days of MacAfee. They have treated me in such a bad manner I can honestly not recall so much problems with any other business.

People like myself have very few ways of coming back on Dell. But word of mouth is one way we can have some affect. I will tell as many people as I can about their so called "customer care". I have already started to tell people about the problems.

The problems are nothing to do with you. I also accept people make mistakes but more than four hours trying to get help and getting frustrated, and being reduced to tears, and not understanding what they are saying and being put on a merry go round to go around and around without any satisfaction, is bad for Dell.

They actually need to start caring for customers. I had previously bought a Dell computer under a business name but they will not buy from Dell again especially as I am the one who gives permission for the purchase. Any further purchases for Dell will be denied.

Once again thank you for taking time to help. I am going to try tell people far and wide about my experience with Dell.
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Default 05-31-2010, 12:19 AM

I think that is funny that you are complaining about 30 days of McAfee service. Get a free AntiVirus and get over it. McAfee is a resource hog.
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Default 05-31-2010, 12:29 AM

I am not a computer savvy person but have now learnt how to get free anti virus. However the whole complaint is really about the fact that you get no where when you want to make a complaint.
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Default 05-31-2010, 01:09 AM

In my opinion, every extra day you used CrapAfee is a waste.

Have you tried the Dell Support page on Facebook? They seem to have personal attention there. Once you join Facebook, go here and then click on the Support app in the left column. I suggest that you keep it short and simple.

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