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Default 03-08-2010, 12:17 AM

Originally Posted by Oopschocodonuts View Post
Right from my house the day after I got it. Along with my mini ps2, some games, some NES games and my wifes 500gb portabloe hard drive. Luckily we got it all back(it was the kid next door and his friends/brother ratted him out.)
Was it possible that this kid saw you bring your mini home the day before? Did you throw away the box in such a way that someone could deduce that you just bought one? (did you leave it out in the open?)

I am a bit paranoid about what i show to others (people I dont know or trust). When I make an electronics purchase (something others may want to steal, like computer, laptop, etc etc) I make sure to disguise it when bringing it in to my home. Just in case any neighborhood thief is watching. I also dont advertise what i have to those around me. Example... my mini9 is always transported in something that doesnt reveal that it is a netbook/laptop. I dont keep it in a traditional laptop case. I keep it in this... My converted Zippered Binder/dayplanner case for my mini9

Like I said... I am a bit paranoid about getting my stuff stolen. When i leave the house I even keep my small portable stealables (ipod, laptop/netbook, portable HD) in a secret compartment I built in a heavy piece of furniture so any thief that breaks in wont get them.

Ps. I am curious about the particular situation in which your stuff was stolen. Where did you go while it happened and for how long? You are in an apartment complex correct? How close was the thieving neighbor's apartment to your apartment? How old was this kid? DO you live in a bad neighborhood? Did they kick the door in or go thru a window?

I am curious about these details so that I can better defend against break-ins/theft.
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Default 03-08-2010, 05:49 AM

You should invest in a security system called a DOG. They are also great companions.
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Default 03-08-2010, 03:47 PM

takes all kinds

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