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Default The Future is NOW!!! Where do you see Netbooks Headed? - 10-19-2009, 10:33 PM

I'm curious to see where you see the netbooks future headed? Will it be relagated to just a secondary portable internet device? Will it become a dead end fad? Will it become an alternative to larger full size notebooks as soon as it gains a internal optical drive and standard dual core processor? What do you think it's future uses will become?
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Default 10-20-2009, 12:55 AM

Personally I think that most people don't even need the power of laptops and netbooks are enough for almost everybody's regular uses. Nowadays even photoshop works great on why do you need all that power?
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Default 10-20-2009, 11:13 AM

Where are they going? At the moment, I see them where they are. They're great ultra portables that some people need and use extensively. Cheap laptops that if they get lost or stolen, some people won't care about. They're great supplements to go along with a desktop or a powerhouse laptop.

At work, for example, I need my powerhouse laptop because of virtualization I need to do and other intensive tasks. When I take it home, if it comes out of my laptop bag, it becomes a DVD player for my son (until we get him one for Christmas).

At home, my netbook reigns supreme. It's all I need, since most of what I do at home is checking email and surfing the web, and occasionally logging into the VPN at work to fix something. Even at work, I use it extensively when I need to go to a meeting or wander away from my desk, but still need connectivity.

So, I see netbooks still holding the same grip they have now, except gaining more power. They have their place, and unless something drastic happens in the computer industry, I don't see them going away.

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Default 10-20-2009, 11:43 AM

They're going to get bigger, faster, and more expensive. Then in a couple years, somebody will introduce a "litetop" a small laptop with limited features, primarily intended for connecting to the Internet, and the cycle will begin anew.

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Default 10-20-2009, 12:22 PM

If optical drives start showing up in netbooks, then it would defeat the purpose.

I can see advancements in speed and performance of netbooks, but I am hoping they hold their small form factor and low price. That is the point of netbooks. Speed and performance is all fine and dandy, but it has its time and place.

Netbooks are meant for portabilty, not power. I would be happy to see some of the newer mobile chipsets start to appear in netbooks, but if it means a sacrifice of size... then it is no longer considered a netbook (in my opinion).

In summary, I think along the same lines as Anguish. I think the netbook market will advance like any other technology, but I do not see netbooks going anywhere other than where they are now. Relative to the rest of the computing market and advancements in technology, they will still hold their place.

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Default 10-20-2009, 02:48 PM

Originally Posted by reflex View Post
They're going to get bigger, faster, and more expensive. Then in a couple years, somebody will introduce a "litetop" a small laptop with limited features, primarily intended for connecting to the Internet, and the cycle will begin anew.
Um, apparently you aren't familiar with UMPCs are you?

Netbook has a small segment of the market that makes sense. I see them staying right where they are, base clock frequency is only going to increase slightly but I would definitely expect more volume to bring prices down slightly offering generation-based technology increases.

Key to the longevity of the netbook platform will be the Ion story. If Intel can be pressured by the anti trust lawsuits into allowing Ion in the marketplace, it will create a necessary competition that will fuel innovation and competitive pricing. Further, it may force intel to stop (or at least reduce) crippling the Atom platform in their licensing to OEMs.

Ultimately, I think you are going to see this play out like the auto industry. Manufacturers will keep the netbooks that people like around but will put thier time, energy, and investment into the larger laptops that make them more money per-unit.
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