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Default Academic Discount vs Outlet - 08-15-2009, 04:34 PM

I'm looking to sell my Mini 9 for a Mini 10v (with the 1024x600 screen, natch), and I wanted to hear from you guys on what route would be the best. I'm a grad student, so I'm eligible for an academic discount, and I bought my Mini 9 from the Outlet before I became a student. Being a grad student I'd like to take the cheapest route (they don't pay us research monkeys much!). What purchasing route would you all recommend?

Sold my Mini 9 for a larger netbook, one that's easier on my wrists and hands.
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Default 08-15-2009, 06:12 PM

Even with the EPP discount, the only time I've ever been able to configure a new unit for less than an Outlet unit is when Dell used to run those one day $199 sales on the Mini 9. When you add in an Outlet coupon, the prices are even more attractive.

FYI, there is a coupon code is posted on Twitter right now if you're hoping to make a purchase within the next day or so:

Dell Outlet (DellOutlet) on Twitter

Coupon code RWLGL$4S48Q4WK, good for 15% off through 8/16 or 2,000 uses, whichever comes first.

If price is your main consideration and not features, I see no reason whatsoever not to order from the Outlet. They ship fast, so you're guaranteed to have it in time to start classes this fall. Also, the warranty on Outlet units is the same as on new units, so you're not sacrificing anything in the way of repair or support.

If there is some feature that you absolutely have to have, then you might be better off spending the extra dollars and ordering it new. However, the only feature you specifically mentioned was the resolution, which shouldn't be too hard to find through the Outlet. Based on what I've read here, it seems that the vast majority of Previously Ordered New units are shipping with 1024 x 600. Both of the Certified Refurbished units I've ordered recently have come with 1024 x 600 too, even though the description clearly stated 1024 x 576 when I placed the orders. There are some with descriptions that do state 1024 x 600, but they seem to be priced about $30 higher than units that state 1024 x 576. It's a gamble, but based on my and others' experiences, I don't think you'll have a problem finding one with your desired resolution.
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