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Default [GUIDE] Perfect Video Playback - 07-25-2009, 02:58 AM

Been fighting all day with my mini trying to get it to play my video without stuttering or desyncing my audio and video. Finally got it, even on max battery mode (where the processor is underclocked to 800mhz - though this is a stretch)! And the best part, I even saw a GAIN in video quality.

As a side note, I'm running the 10v (so GMA 950) and 2 gigs of ram, as well as having reinstalled/lightened XP. For this however, I threw in a few background apps to simulate a normal idle load such as kaspersky, steam, etc. etc. The ram might well make a difference, but I'd still expect anyone with a gma 500/1 gig of ram and a decently clean o/s to see pretty much the same results.

Now before we start, as a warning, I've ONLY tested this with local/remote video files. They play off my minis drive perfectly and they play off my desktop (over the network) on the mini perfectly. This WILL NOT in any way affect slow internet flash video, though there is the possibility of directly linking the video to your chosen media player and gaining the speed increase.

And finally, the procedure:
-Download the Combined Community Codec Package
CCCP Download
(This package, in my findings, is not only more efficient then k-lite but also renders a FAR better picture.)

-Install CCCP with the default settings and restart your computer.

-Download CoreAVC
It can be purchased from: World's Fastest High Definition H.264 Video Software Decoder or you can obtain it through whatever means you feel appropriate. Either way, make sure you get version 1.9.5.

NOTE: Divx also makes an h.264 decoder that is more or less comporable to CoreAVC, however, it will also install an autoupdate program and a few other useless bits here and there - nothing harmful, but I find it annoying - however, since the divx decoder is free I'll go through the install procedure for it also

The Divx decoder can be downloaded here:

-Install your chosen decoder.
For CoreAVC simply run the executable and enter your code. Be sure to UNcheck "Haali Media Splitter" in the install options.

For Divx, run the executable and be sure to UNcheck ALL options except for "H.264 Decoder".

-Disable ffdshow decoder
Go to start > all programs > combined community codec package > settings
UNcheck the "H.264/AVC" box in the Video Decoder field in the upper left.
Click Next > Apply

That's it, try out a few videos and see if you get any performance increase. So far it looks like CoreAVC gives a good 30% boost over ffdshow, and Divx is supposedly comparable though I haven't tried it.

ALSO: I highly recommend using the MPC-HC (Media Player Classic - Home Cinema) player that comes with CCCP. It's lightweight, it's powerful and above all it works. After initial install of CCCP it may be required to associate your video files with MPC-HC, or open them with it.

Hope someone finds this of use, feel free to post if you have any questions.

EDIT: Just wanted to let you all know some results that come of the changes. Using ffdshow cpu usage was 99-100% with processor underclocked and 85-100% at full speed.

Now, using CoreAVC processor is 85-100% underclocked (almost always works fine, but if the computer decided to start doing something else it can desync) - and 35-55% at full speed.

As you can see, that's a MAJOR load of the processor as well as plenty of buffer to ensure perfect video playback.
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Default 07-27-2009, 07:38 AM

thanks, this fixed my playback problem
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Default 07-27-2009, 09:22 AM

what kind of vid we watchin here, 1080p?

Mini 10V | 1.6GHz | 2GB | 16GB SSD | GMA 950 | OSX | ~$180ish | Wireless-N | 6-Cell |
M1340 | 2.4GHz x2 | 4GB | 320GB 7.2K-RPM | Nvidia SLi 9400M + 9200GS | 7-RTM | $500.00 | WEI: 5.3 |
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Default Great post - 07-27-2009, 08:12 PM

Thanks for sharing!!! Just got refurb Mini 10 with HD screen today. Will definitely try your findings during the week. Also on Mini 9 coming on Wed :-P

Edit1: Installed CCCP and Win Media Player seems to play xvid's just fine although picture quality is nothing to brag about yet. Will continue with H.264 later.

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Default 07-28-2009, 07:04 PM

Well, reading around I see reference to DXVA (Hardware GPU acceleration) on GMA500 which seems to be a key for getting smooth video playpack on Intel GMA500 equipped devices.

Here is one thread where it is mentioned
So, how to get "DXVA drivers" for our Mini 10's?

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Default 08-09-2009, 12:25 AM

Glad to hear some of you have had some luck with this. As far as GMA500 goes, I'm really not the right person to ask. My mini has a 945 in it. I do know it can be done using CCCP, it's mainly just changing a few settings around in MPC-HC, maybe a few other steps. Point is it doesn't seem to like to default to dxva so you have to disable all other options until using it is the only one left. Might be totally wrong on that, but that's how I understood it. A google search seems to show up some decent guides.

So far using the method above I've only run into issues with one h.264 video, I'm assuming it was poorly encoded, but in two different spots the bit-rate shot WAY up (into the 1800's) and I went out of sync. I re-encoded both in xvid and h.264 with a stable bit-rate and that solved it.

For the record, I really do prefer xvid with these netbooks. It doesn't look as nice, but it's far less of a pain and allows you to browse the web, play a game, etc. etc. while watching. If your using h.264 chances are that's about all your going to be able to do.
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