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Default 08-18-2009, 01:26 PM

Originally Posted by k000 View Post
Was wondering if all the stuff in this thread help improve anything yet...
yes, it helps by exchanging information and experiences that we can all utilized in our decision making on where to spend our hard earned money in the future.
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Default 08-24-2009, 11:19 AM

I ordered a Mini9 on July 31st and just received my second delay notice despite the standard text in the first email:

"Based on the latest available information, we are confident we will deliver your order on or before this new date."

The new delivery date is 1 month later than the original Estimated Delivery date. I understand delays, however what's really annoying is since the order shows 'In Production' I can't cancel the order even if I wanted to. The Mini9 clearly is not 'In Production' otherwise how can there be repeated delays?

I've bought a number of PCs and laptops from Dell and this will be my last. HP110 here I come.

EDIT: I received an email from Dell indicating I have to reply to their second delay email if I want to keep the order (FTC rule). If I don't reply, my order will be automatically canceled. What's funny is, the updated delivery date in the email is 9/4, yet when I display the order online, the delivery date is 9/9. I won't be responding to the email. Glad I got my first Mini9 on eBay.
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Default 08-24-2009, 06:12 PM

^they sent me that email once on an item they delayed to long and i no longer wanted. it stated the same thing about needing a reply as it was illegal to send out after such and such date.
i didnt reply, didnt want it anymore.
they sent it anyway....go figure.
they did refund the product/money without any argument though.

figures the date on the email is different.
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Default 08-26-2009, 12:01 PM

Here is an update on my situation. so i had no where to post my complaint about the service i was receiving from dell. I have tried the 800 number as well as various places on their website. i kept getting the smack down from them. removing or not posting my comments. Someone on this thread had said they had posted their complaint about a computer in the customer review section for that particular model. My complaint had nothing to do with any model just the service i got. I just randomly picked the model i owned and wrote a review for the computer as well as for the service i received. After posting i got a call from dell. It was basically another hard to understand but very nice Indian lady. she just listened to me go on and on about everything from my first post. I told her as a consumer the biggest thing for me was that there is no where to be heard, so this makes me feel like they don't care. They could at least pretend that they care. In every complained she was acting like she was going to realign the stars for me. looking on their website i see my review for my computer is not up nor is anything she promised. I knew nothing would get done, but at least i was heard.
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Default 08-31-2009, 03:36 PM

Originally Posted by AmandaGal View Post
Not to change the topic from submitting feedback, but I've bought Dell computers since I stopped building my own (~10 years) personally (and I've dealt with their business side, but that's different) and I always brag to my friends about how great their tech support/service is. That's the reason I keep buying Dells.

Some of my friends have told me they get crappy service. I think the main difference is that I NEVER call Dell for my personal computers. I email/chat with Dell. Always I get the issue resolved within a few minutes (or a few emails). I had a similar issue where I wanted to buy an LCD screen for my loved 700m that someone stepped on. Within an hour, Dell had emailed me back and quoted me a price (which I decided not worth it) for the part and for the repair. When you call, they run you through their list even if you know the problem. When you email "I've done this, I've done this. I know the problem is [x]" they actually will just send you a part.

If I ever do need a part, it's literally at my house the next day. That's crazy. I bought a Toshiba once and I had to send it to them to replace an under warranty CD drive that I could have popped out and put in myself. Took them a month. At least with Dell, I get to hold on to my PC and wait for the part.

Quoting this for posterity, but then I'm erasing the original post.

Ironic how I get screwed over by Dell a few weeks after I posted this. I think I'm waiting for Apple to come out with a netbook now. I was going to buy a Studio One, but I placed an order for an iMac yesterday instead.

Something I learned from the tech today. If you're going to buy a Mini from dell, buy Complete Care. They will not help you otherwise. He more or less flat out said that to me. I did not because I consider the upgrade time on netbooks to be pretty swift (1 year or so) so I didn't need the extended warranty. I figured the regular Dell warranty was enough. He basically said that if there was a factory problem and you do not have complete care, you're out of luck.

When it is said like that, it makes the extra $88 not seem like a bad investment, even with the swift upgrade time.
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Default 09-08-2009, 01:33 PM

I'm not sure of the phone number, but call Dell and ask to talk to "Dell Spare Parts" they are the people to talk to if you just want to buy some random piece of your computer..

The Touchpad on almost every dell laptop is part of the palmrest, so you have to refer to it as the palmrest or they seem to never know what you are talking about..

I have mixed feelings about Dell support, but that aside, I hope the above info helps solve your problem
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Default 09-14-2009, 07:35 PM

Originally Posted by k000 View Post
Was wondering if all the stuff in this thread help improve anything yet...
Don't know if anything has improved or not; but it sure is interesting reading. I do know I will not buy another Dell until I get alot of feedback on this site. The great majority of the posters here are straight shooters.
I will buy another netbook sometime in the not too distant future. This site will determine if its a Dell or not. fdalbor

Dell Mini 1010 XP--10.04/Mandriva One/Joli 1.2
Compaq R4000 laptop AMD 64
Compaq SR2034NX AMD 64
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Default 09-14-2009, 09:30 PM

I don't exactly hate Dell's customer service, but I did have an "experience" with them if you'd like to put it that way.

So, long story short, my young nephew thought soda would be a great addition to my keyboard. After a week or two of intense cleaning, this nasty crap just wasn't going to come out. So I decided it would be time to cough up some cash to fix whatever and move on.

I call Dell, we do the usual dance of express codes and unit numbers and whatever. They want to diagnose my computer for any serious sticky keys (even though I could physically feel the keys being sticky and making multiple unwanted character entries), but I just let them know that I "accidentally" removed the recovery partition (whenever any company sends you a new laptop, they send you so much crap, I figured I wanted it it all back, sooo...) and reassured them that yes, the keys on the keyboard were indeed dirty.

Well the warranty wouldn't hold up because this situation was my own fault. Fine. I would need to purchase the new keyboard. How much was it? Oh we'll tell you with your quote, in an email. Just keep our info and order when you are ready!

Got the email. Oh. My. God. They wanted $100 for a new keyboard, $25 for shipping + handling info (going from me to them and back to me from them), $50 or $75 (can't remember) for labor and services. So this was going to cost a pretty big ass penny.

I figured fine, whatever, this is what I get for letting kids around my netbook, dammit... Well, I decided for kicks and giggles before sending in an order that I would check eBay for Mini 10 keyboards.

$20. Twenty, freaking, dollars, for a BRAND NEW UNUSED OEM Mini 10 keyboard. That blew my mind - no way! OK, so I'm on to something here. Let me do a few Google searches...

Wow, taking out the keyboard seems kinda easy. Just got to be really careful. Maybe...

So yes, I did save myself a great deal of money. Good Lord, Dell. Wow.
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Default Tech support desperately need training.... - 11-13-2009, 08:39 PM

I just rec'd a 10v from home outlet that should have had a Dell 5530 3G card installed. But guess what, no 5530 card. Luckily the PCI connector and antenna leads are there, so I called Dell Tech support. As usual, India answered. The so called tech had no clue about Dell's WWAN systems. After a 43 min. argument with him repeatedly trying to convince me the sim card did not come with the laptop, (even though one did with my mini 9) I finally hope I got him to send me a 5530 card. At least I hope that's what I get when it arrives as he wouldn't confirm the part number!

I used to work for a major corp. that had so many complaints about their India call centers, they finally moved them back to N. America. I really have no problem where or who I speak with if they just have the training to understand what the problem is and how to fix it. Dell is definitely lacking with their customer service, and I completely understand why they're loosing market share.

I've never experienced this kind of hassle when dealing with Apple. Not that they're perfect either, but they've always been easy to deal with. Good work Dell, you always get what you pay for...

MINI 9: Jade Green, RunCore 64GB SSD, Hyper-X 2GB RAM, Dell 5530 WWAN Card, Dell 1505 WiFi Card, Bluetooth 2.1, 1.3MP Webcam, Leopard 10.5.8 NBI 8.0.3 Final, BIOS A05
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Default 11-21-2009, 08:21 PM

i had a dell inspiron 1300 for about 4years now and it still no issues with it. but i bought a dell mini 10v for school because i needed something light ( yea the inspiron weight like 30000000tons lol)

it got delayed, then after 3days it broke. i am not much of a computer wizz of myself so i decided to returned it to dell and asked fo a refund. and guess f**king waht .. it took the 31days to refund me and the only reason im buying from them again is for the hackintoshing . i had horrible services and it the last chance i buy from them. next tim its gonna be apple
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