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Default First impressions of the mini 10. - 07-03-2009, 11:01 PM

Well i still have not received my mini 10 yet,i think they are bringing it over on a sail boat.Anyway i finally got to see one in person at futureshop and i have to say i really like the way this thing looks.I played with it alittle,it seems to be speedy enough for me.Of course i kinda knew what it would be like so no surprises there.But what really impressed me was how classy it looks,it was on display with many other netbooks and i have to say it looks much better than most although the HP looks pretty sharp too.Anyway can't wait till mine arrives sometime in
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Default 07-12-2009, 09:21 PM

I hope you have it by now! I just got my mini dell a couple of days ago. It was a gift and I have to say, I love it. It is so light weight. The screen is small but the images are sharp and easy for me to see. My first impressions have all been favorable. My only real concern is storing my music and pictures but I think I will get jump drives for that. Hopefully I will find some useful ideas on this forum that will be helpful in getting the most out of my mini. Good luck to you. I hope your experience has been as good as mine have.
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Default 07-13-2009, 06:34 PM

*cries* i'm want one too so bad

Mini 10V | 1.6GHz | 2GB | 16GB SSD | GMA 950 | OSX | ~$180ish | Wireless-N | 6-Cell |
M1340 | 2.4GHz x2 | 4GB | 320GB 7.2K-RPM | Nvidia SLi 9400M + 9200GS | 7-RTM | $500.00 | WEI: 5.3 |
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Default 07-13-2009, 07:37 PM

Well, as much as I understand the enthusiasm, the reality of the Mini 9 and 10v as OS X machines isn't thrilling or exciting, just frustrating. Here's what I told a friend who's trying to scrape up enough dough to buy one:

"My grandson and I have been playing with the Dell Mini 9 and 10v. They're cute toys, but they're frustrating as OS X machines because they don't perform the way we've come to expect OS X machines to work.
Both have cramped and jumpy touchpads, and the hackers are having a terrible time getting them to work "right," i.e., like Macs. The Mini 9's keyboard is great for kid's hands, but some of the QWERTY keyboard keys have been relocated to extremely non-intuitive locations.

"The Mini 9 only runs SSDs (solid state drives), and start out at 4 GB, which isn't big enough for anything but Ubuntu, and max out at 32 GB (for lots more bucks) from Dell; aftermarket 64-256 GB SSDs are available (BIG $$$$$).

"The sound doesn't work right on 10v models yet, and the internal microphone may never be made to work.

"Both have really powerful wi-fi setups, for some reason. I normally can see 5-6 wi-fi routers in my neighborhood with my aluminum MacBook upstairs; I see 16 with the Minis! Go figure.

"Mini 9's battery life is 2.5-3 hours, the bigger and more power-hungry Mini 10v's battery not only is 11.1v (vs. 14.8v), it has 24Wh (vs. 32Wh) and struggles to give even 2 hours of web browsing/e-mail time. Talk about unintelligent design. Aaargh.

"Anyway, they're both toys, so I suggest saving your money for a 3G iPod Touch, which should be everything but a phone."

End of my rant. Hope this doesn't start a flame war, because there's a place for the Minis as OS X machines. For example, I'd rather have either one with me on a long trip than my iPod Touch. But using either one in place of even an old 12-inch iBook G3 running OS X 10.4.11 (which I also have) is a painful OS X experience.
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94f1camaro 94f1camaro is offline
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Default 07-13-2009, 11:35 PM

Well i finally got mine and i am very happy with it so far.I am not really that fond of XP now that i have been using vista for the last few months but i can understand why they use it on these underpowered netbooks.Seems strange saying i like vista better than XP considering how many people dislike vista,but for me i like vista alot.The mini is alittle heavier than i thought it would be,of course i have the 6 cell battery too so that doesn't help.But over all for the money i think this is a really nice little computer and if it is as reliable as my other dell computers then i will be very satisfied.
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