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Default Diablo 2 EXP - 10-19-2008, 05:54 AM

I am loving the fact that blizzard removed cd checks in their latest patches for their old games (D2, SC, WCIII) and that you can register your game's cd key on their new blizzard store so you can dl the game off the site which is awesome. D2, like SC runs fine and looks much better (crispier, less blurry) than playing on desktop (22in widescreen, 8800GTX, 4gb, C2D etc).
The only problem I ran into is that hotkey switching with function key is harder due to lack of separate function keys (Scrolling through spells using mouse wheel if you have a laptop mouse is much more convenient) on the mini (should I start referring to it as mini 9 now that mini 12 has been announced?)

The game is still addictive/fun. I had a 4 hour break on Friday because one of my lecture was called off because prof being away and tutorial/discussion class off due to the midterm the day before and I spent the whole time playing D2 in the library. I think I may have pissed off few people near by due to non-stop clicking sound coming from my desk
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