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Default 09-08-2009, 03:36 PM

Originally Posted by hembergler View Post
Project64 runs very well for me under Windows 7, but only if I don't have it full screen! ZSNES and VisualBoyAdvance both seem to work smoothly as well.
Well, I for one, am just happy it runs. I haven't taken the plunge into Windows 7 yet for my Mini 9, but I might chose to do so in the future.

Do you have any idea if MAME32, GENS, or FCEUX run properly?

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I tried mupen64plus found in debian unstable. no go. Segfaults no matter what plugin i use for video. Always the same way, something about a possible wrong ucode and then a message about a NULL pointer. My guess is that nx bit protection and other kernel memory protection options in late kernels are causing the emulator to malfunction due to a coding error in mupen64plus that used to go unchecked and thus work.

Most of these N64 emulators have either stagnated years ago or get very little if any work done on them anymore.

note: even with no video plugin in use, the segfault occurs. No sound as well, and basic input. I was testing on an F-Zero rom.

I even used the binary from the website, same deal. I doubt compiling it myself would help any, and unfortunately, i dont care enough about getting it to work to dive into the code to find out where they're not checking for null in their function arguments.

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