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Default STEC Died under OSX - 04-27-2009, 04:22 AM

Thought I would post this just incase someone else gets into the situation I was in this weekend. I was running Keynote and pages at the same time like an idiot and OSX froze. Upon reboot gave me the REALTEK error message along with operating system could not be found. REALTEK is the ethernet adapter and when that displays it means I think that the mini ran through the boot list and ran the network boot which failed after the SSD could not be read. I hooked the mini up to an external disk drive and enabled legacy in the bios. The Ubuntu DVD loaded just fine and even finished the installation on the ssd. Yet when it attempted it reboot process it hung at the dell logo load screen. I attempted the install 4 times each time it completed the installation of Ubuntu over the ssd and gave me the same error. The mini read the full storage amount in the bios which was weird but still could not boot off the ssd. To isolate the issue I tried resetting bios setting to defaults and launching the diagnostics off the boot list, this failed and just went to the error screen. of realtek,...check cable,,, operating system could not be found. SO out of curiosity I poped in the dell utilities disc which contains a diagnostics program. Sure enough I got that to run since it was off a working cd and when it got to the hard drive section it came up with several read write errors with several error codes. I called dell and a box is on the way for me to send it to. They guy on the phone said he had seen this problem before with the mini and we both agreed it was corrupted sectors in the ssd of some kind or the connector from the motherboard to the ssd. Anyway I still have the dell efi cd and my family copy of leopard so no worries I will be sure to put osx on it again as it was an awesome mac while it lasted. Dells warranty still stands for their hardware regardless of what software is on there, they will not support software they did not put on there however, which is cool since I dont need ubuntu.

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Default Re: STEC Died under OSX - 04-27-2009, 12:07 PM

Dont double post please


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