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Default Second SSD? - 02-08-2009, 09:07 PM

The WWAN head on the motherboard looks like it is using a standard mini pci-e connector. Does anyone know of a reason why you can't simply solder on a mini pci-e connector and place a second SSD in this place? If they are using standard practices then it should just go to a controller and if a SSD is plugged into it, the drive should look just like a second drive. The problem is that since the mini 9 is such a small laptop they could have taken some hardware shortcuts to save on power and simply connect that header to a WWAN chip instead of the controller, or done something else weird like use the BIOS to make such an operation impossible. Does anyone know if I could use a simple connector (eg. ... TDxw%3d%3d ) and a second SSD to get a second drive? A reason why such a thing would be impossible?
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Default Re: Second SSD? - 02-08-2009, 09:21 PM

somebody tried and didn't work.

the problem is that the sdd is mini pci-e just in the outside, but actually is a PATA drive in the inside, wich has nothing to do with normal mini pci-e slots.

sory me no spiko english

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