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Default 07-07-2010, 07:39 PM


I would love to know if dell are aware of reception problems on 3g/H bands. Do they know whether the signal drop outs are caused by problems with hardware/software/radio/network? Do they have any update planned to help fix this most frustrating of problems

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Default 07-11-2010, 11:52 PM

Another thing I'd like to know is if the HDMI dock outputs the screen itself as well onto a monitor. Meaning with a bluetooth keyboard you could play the games on a far bigger screen. Would be cool.
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Default 07-12-2010, 04:25 AM

Don't think I'll be able to make it as I'll be working, if someone could put some of these suggestions I'd be much obliged.

I know it's a long laundry list, but I think it's mostly relevant... feel free to chime in & let me know if any of this has already confirmed as being worked on/sorted out by FroYo.

Been using the streak to replace my jailbroken iPhone 3G for 4 days now, so far I've found:

POP3 client needs updated, getting an average of 4~5 errors a day on a standard POP3 mailbox, in addition to the 20 phantom mail notifications I have for an empty Inbox.

Ability to delete single or multiple email at the folder level (eg Inbox & Trash) via swipe/edit a la iPhone.
At present it's 3 clicks per email, I get many newletters/forum updates etc daily & it's a chore to clear down my inbox at present.

Trash sometimes doesn't empty correctly & email reappears in Trash folder.

Address / location bar
It's a permanent presence on screen while browsing, & despite the Streaks huge screen is still a significant real-estate hog of the (smaller) vertical space in landscape, especially when the taskbar is tacked above it . Can we auto-hide address bar when page load is complete?

It would mean moving the back/forward buttons I realise, but perhaps a thin bar on the left/right (or both) sides of screen for this & bookmarks would be more appropriate in landscape? A full screen mode with gesture controls could be amazing...

User Agent strings & 'mobile' sites
I had installed UA switcher on my iPhone for several months, but since using the Streak I've noticed the number of websites using UA detection to throw you to the mobile version of their site now vastly increased.

Thing is with a decent browser, large screen size & fast net access I don't particularly want or need to go to the mobile version, as they are often feature scarce or do not perform the desired functionality of the 'full' site.

Currently the Streak can ID itself as either Android, Desktop or iPhone via debug method. Debug switches off when the browser is shut down fully or crashes. Regardless, some sites still see the 'Desktop' UA string as a mobile device anyway, rendering some sites impossible to access 'correctly'.

It would be nice to see an inbuilt setting to switch the UA string to a 'normal' desktop webkit browser such as Safari, without having to debug to do it. (I vote we call it the 'embiggen' button

Yes you could get an app for that, however the only one I've found is in japanese & is tricksy to use. I believe it would be in Dells interests to fix it, after all the Streaks screen size has to be a major draw for people that view the web regularly, such as myself. I for one wasn't expecting the exact same site experience as on an standard iPhone, just 'bigger'. Quite disappointed there actually.

Codec support in both Audio & Video, the iPhone is too tightly bound to iTunes to allow OGG, FLAC & APE formats, likewise AVI & MKV.

The Streak could shine in this gap, but we have to resort to Rockplayer to play anything outwith a narrow band of compatibility; or worse yet, have to transcode.

Pinch to zoom is flashy n all, but double tap to zoom/unzoom feels more intuitive and has the advantage of indicating where you want the zoom applied to. This applies to all supplied apps that pinch to zoom.

Screen sometimes doesn't react to first touch, & has to be repeated, home, back, menu buttons also.

Copy/paste is a nightmare, can't see the selection I'm making, & the logic behind enlarging the selection eg (word > phrase > sentence > paragraph > larger page element) needs more work. Also the selection could be confirmed BEFORE copying to clipboard happens so we can amend selection rather than having to start again from scratch.

On Screen keyboard needs bigger keys with no numeric keypad option - but enough will have been said about that already.

Keyboard has strange choices for the 'ALT' symbols layout, I personally feel this would be better reorganised to be as qwerty (or users alternate keyboard localisation) standard as possible & an additional 'ALT' type layout if necessary, again, think iphone keyboard.

A forum/email address/web form to the Streak team for suggestions, rather than some generic support address which may or may not get the suggestion through to the correct team in a timely manner.

The Future
If or when we get Flash support, we have the ability to turn it back off again. The negatives outweigh the positives of flash for some, given its prevalence in advertising & it would be nice to be able to turn it on as & when needed.

I want a pony! Honestly though, I do realise the Streak is NOT an iPhone, it's MUCH better; yet lacks the final polish that would turn this device from good, to great. In your defence the iPhone did suck hard until firmware 2.0
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samstables samstables is offline
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Default 07-12-2010, 09:44 AM

Are they going to improve the "office" suite included? It's not much of a business device unless you fork out for one of the other office apps available...
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Default 07-12-2010, 12:58 PM

The chat is in 6 hours from the time of this post!

Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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Default Landscape home screens - 07-12-2010, 04:14 PM

I know I've heard a few people ask about the possibility of landscape homescreens in other places but I haven't seen it mentioned in this thread.

I think a lot of people would really like to see this as an option.
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kibcom kibcom is offline
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Thumbs up 07-12-2010, 04:51 PM

Numeric keypad - I love it and would not want to lose it so I agree with 'eddie' above. Give folk the option to include or exclude it. (Please let's not have anyone saying they use their thumbs to type on a QWERTY keyboard!)

Phone - I agree with all Aidan's observations above. Also, I find that hitting a key only once when deleting or saving a voicemail can often register as being hit twice, no matter how gently and accurately the key is pressed. Only get this when using the phone pad.

Data synchronisation with Microsoft Outlook on a PC - I would like to see this a lot faster and work in the sameway as Activesync between my now obsolete iPAQ and my PC. That's to say it is much slower (although I do have over 1000 business contacts). Also it only appears to work one way, from Outlook to Streak. Can we have two way (i.e. also Streak to Outlook) synchronisation too?

The Streak is brilliant and the perfect device for those of us less than impressed with the iPhone and iPAD. DELL have a very clever niche in the market and I would love to see them advertise and promote it a lot more.
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loweb1 loweb1 is offline
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Default Few more wishes - 07-12-2010, 05:00 PM

Just wanted to second a few other things I came across:

Fast scrolling - Apple's tap at the top to scroll all the way back up is a real time saver.

Custom Colors for the UI - Would be nice to have it match backgrounds / themes

Screen Brightness - I read a lot in bed with all other lights off so as not to disturb the wife and so I'd really appreciate being able to make the display very very dim.

Possibility to use stock updates without waiting for dells custom rom - Nice as it is, waiting for the new thing just sucks.
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chrismscotland chrismscotland is offline
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Default 07-12-2010, 06:19 PM

Video Out, ask if it possible we could get just a straight video out of what is on the screen of the Streak instead of the "crippled" facility we seem to have.
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Default 07-12-2010, 08:10 PM

Originally Posted by topdog View Post
There is a simple pet-peeve in the current UI, although I doubt it's a Dell thing, it maybe something they can tweak/improve for the overall experience, I'd like to pose it as a question/suggestion as I wouldn't be able to make the event.

The 'auto-complete' for text fields that list up your previous searches for selecting, don't let you edit the text before it is submitted.

So if you had to type out a relatively long criteria before, I have to retype the whole thing and then make my manual adjustments, and it would be nicer to just act like auto-complete does on PCs and let you type just the first few letters to get the list generated, then select one of the previous (or suggested) items, and then get the chance to make final edits before the Done/Enter action is fired.

This is helpful also when you're using the voice recognition to do a search, and it gets 9/10 words correctly but the wrong one causes it generate a rubbish set of answers. I have to re-say or re-type the entire thing, when I'd rather just quickly text edit and fix the one bad word when repeating the search.

(This assumes I've not overlooked something daft but I don't think I missed anything here).

This is due to the OS being designed originally with a trackball or similar pointing device in mind. If you have a trackball/trackpad on your device, you can use it to move down into the list of previous searches. In fact, I've seen one phone (the Nexus One, or maybe the EVO, I forget) that didn't have a trackball, but had four-way arrow keys on the on-screen keyboard. The Dell keyboard appears to only have left-right arrow keys. So to solve this problem, Dell needs to modify the keyboard to add up-down arrow keys.

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