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Default Why not MSIWind method? - 01-01-2009, 08:54 PM

I'm going to try to concisely explain why we will not support other install methods beyond the "Type11" Boot132 retail install method. Bare with me as I may not do this in an orderly manner.
First, I should note that up until recently IDeneb was supported. And we will still provide some lingering support for the people who have already installed that way. There are multiple reasons why it's support has been pulled. Primarily, it does not support the DSDT file that 10.5.6 needs to work properly. It had only been a recommended method because it fit directly onto an 8gb SSD where the retail install doesn't. This has become less of an issue now that 16gb drives are available for well under $100, and we have ways of installing to external media first, shrinking the install, and then imaging back to the 8gb SSD.
The Wind method.. This has been the bain of our existance ever since some random blog website (Un-easy silence, they definitely got the un-easy part right) decided to publish a how-to install OS-X on the Mini9. Unfortunately the author of that blog post did zero research before writing up his how-to, we had already come up with a Boot132 method using a retail disc before that article was even posted.
But enough with the history lesson.. How about some technical reasons why the "wind method" is shunned. First of all, it encourages piracy, you are required to download a hacked copy of the Leopard install disc to do the install. Since you're doing that, what's the point in buying a retail copy of OSX? It just doesn't lend itself to Doing The Right Thing(tm) as well as the Boot132 method which requires a retail DVD to do the install.
Next reason is the really poor assortment of kexts in the MSI Wind disc. Maybe they work great for the Wind netbook, but they most definitely do not on the Mini9. Just about nothing works out of the box with the Wind distro, you have to track down drivers for the video, the sound, the network, the SD card, etc, and install them all manually, no automated script to do it all for you in one swoop. And then you have to start tracking down some really exotic kext bugs that really have no excuse for being there. Like the USB ports, only see devices when they are plugged in during bootup, you can't just use USB like you would normally. Very strange glitch. There are several others which I can't recall off the top of my head right now. Maybe I'll edit this post and add them in at another time.
Software update won't Just Work. Say you let your significant other, or your kids use the machine for awhile. And say Apple comes out with a new version of OSX (or you're still stuck at 10.5.5 because the wind method doesn't support DSDT files), and the update window pops up while they are using it. If they click yes and agree to the update, your machine is likely to not boot back up without some serious command line hackery in safe mode afterwards, or just a flat re-install. There have been a couple other odd security updates that have had the ability to brick a non-retail install. It used to be really scary to apply any update from Apple on a hackintosh. Not so with a Boot132 retail install. Worst case, if you were to have trouble booting afterwards, you boot back up on the Type11 CD, and it'll boot your machine up just fine. From there you re-run the miniscript and it fixes whatever went wrong with your kexts. This makes it very robust, whereas you just don't have that kind of simple option with the Wind method, or any of the hacked OSX distros.
And finally, there's just the support aspect. We all have the exact same machines. This has allowed us to have a much more refined set of instructions than some of the other netbook groups. (Think of the Eee guys, they have a dozen completely different versions of their Netbook, poor guys..) Being able to standardize on one distribution allows us to fine tune the install, narrow down any glitches quickly and stomp them out. The reason the Mini9 is so well supported is because of that. Every time someone has come to the forums with some off the wall kind of glitch, it was quickly found that they had installed the Wind distro.
I hope this has helped explain our stance on this issue. Feel free to post any points I missed. Any posts arguing the opposite will be deleted. You've been warned.

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Default Re: Why not MSIWind method? - 01-01-2009, 08:58 PM

Great post! I seriously was going to use the MSIWind method (stupid Uneasy and TUAW!) before I came here!

Thanks so much and I'm ordering my Mini tonight!

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Default Re: Why not MSIWind method? - 01-09-2009, 09:10 PM

I used the MSI Wind method before I had found this forum or the Type11 method.

One thing I have noticed the MSI Wind also had apps crashing much more often (they hardly ever do on Type 11 for me).
I love Coda and it would always crash within a minute or so if starting up as well as other apps such as Thunderbird.

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Default Re: Why not MSIWind method? - 01-10-2009, 01:30 AM

I am only sorry that it took my lazy ass two months of owning my dell mini to finally getting around and reinstalling via the Type11 meth.

I noticed an immediate speed bump difference as well as a very quick boot.

Thanks guys for working so hard at this!

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