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Default Newbie Question: On the way I installed OSX and XP dual boot - 01-01-2009, 01:25 AM

First before anyone says anything keep in mind the last time i used a Mac it was a Macintosh Classic 12 years ago with whatever version it had on it.

OK I know there are better methods of installing OS X (and everyone here doesn't like this method)but i was wondering if i am going to have serious problems in the future.

I first installed a Nlited versions of XP a week ago on the whole partition used it for a while then made and image of the drive if i ever want to go back to it just in case to save time.

2 OS Install Process:
I booted with gparted and deleted partition and created two: 1 10.5gb 1 4.5gb or something close to that. I then used the MSI wind OS X install method and installed flawlessly. Played with it a bit and load all the drivers in tested it out seemed to work good but i did not try to update yet.

I then booted to the Nlited XP cd i had used before and installed that, did the updates installed any drivers and had it squared away. I installed Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0. I used the OS selector tool to make sure it boots to the MAC Drive (can probably use fdisk but it wasn't working for me). Now when it boots it loads the Darwin loader with count down and i can choose which OS I want.

I plan on trying OS X out for a couple weeks and if I like it buy a copy or redoing i with just the image I created of XP . My question is if I buy the retail copy so I legally own it should I do an new install or should i be all right in the future? The only reason I really tried it is because it interested me and this method seemed a lot easier than all the others.

Also a Second note I am not sure how much room Linux takes up but I am pretty sure i could have created another partition,and installed it and used Acronis to choose what I wanted to boot. But I am only running 16gb ssd so might be tough for me.
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Default Re: Newbie Question: On the way I installed OSX and XP dual boot - 01-01-2009, 04:29 AM

The most supported way you will find here is the Type11 method, which uses a GUID based partition scheme, the retail DVD, and the entire drive. If you look through the howto section, there is a howto on how to install multiple OS's on the same drive. The MSIWind install is one of the worst possible ways to install, as updating down the road is going to be painful, and there are many minor problems that can't be easily fixed. I suggest trying it out, and if you like it, reinstall using Type11.

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