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Default Re: Battery capacity 24 Wh, not 32 Wh - 12-19-2008, 10:20 PM

Originally Posted by KC6TTR
Due to some recent nightmares of my own regarding Dell, I am no longer a big fan of the company. However, some of you guys who actively promote cheating, stealing and/or lying in any form to get what you want without any logical thought to the example you are setting just proves what is wrong with our society these days. It has nothing to do with your political views or if you feel "entitled"; it has everything to do with what is "RIGHT" and what is "WRONG"... nothing more, nothing less.

If you cannot understand that and live your life without some sort of dignity that represents your true self worth, then I truly feel sorry for you.

It would be nice if the administration of this site would start banning some of these lost souls who just want to give our community forum of Dell users a bad name in the eyes of some within the industry.


Good Point

This situation is over, and because theres some tension in this thread, im putting a lock on it. We dont need to hear how everyone is screwing Dell. As my final words, I think the creater of this whole fiasco should have got his facts straight before making a bunch of people rushing to get new batteries from Dell. A live test of both batteries should have been done in the first place to confirm whether 1 battery is better than the other.

Another mod can feel free to unlock this as neccessary, but for now, I am locking it.

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