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Default Netbooks vs Tiger (10.4) - 10-29-2009, 05:58 AM

I wanted to start this thread because it seems no one is at all interested in Tiger anymore.

I believe people forgot that if it wasn't for Tiger the OSX86 scene would not exist. I wanted to start this topic to remind people of its importance and to see which models of the current netbooks are able to boot/run it. I have a Mini 10v and I cannot get the damn thing to even boot off the disc. Leopard and Snow Leopard work just about spot on thanks to the constant work of the DellEFI and NetbookInstaller team(s).

I have myself been screwing around with trying to get Tiger to run on my Netbook for about 3 months in total now without any real success. I have basically no real programming skills but I figured since I have been a lifetime Mac user that maybe I could pull something useful off.

I have tried just about everything I could think of to the best of my knowledge and it has come to my attention that this is certainly not a job for someone like me with no prior knowledge as to how the system really boots and runs.

I am HIGHLY interested in getting this on my netbook and I am really looking forward to seeing if anyone might be willing to try to tackle this little challenge for us all. I would be willing to provide any support that I can give I just really want to be able to run this 'old' OS.

I am also very interested to see what other netbook users come across if they try to run it on their systems. Just for the record, my system and my install disc seem to hang right after it tries to identify the boot volume location. I can and probably will add up a picture for those interested in seeing this in more detail.

Thanks for everyone who reads this and hopefully replies with something. I can't possibly imagine this to be much more difficult than messing with Leopard and Snow Leopard. It should be a little easier. Although I could be wrong, it just seems logical to be less complex. Please help us out! I know I wouldn't be the only one grateful and willing to provide testing/support...

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I recently created a universal 10.4.10 Tiger disc that I plan to try to test with soon. Previously all I had to use was my own personal 10.4.6 OEM Macbook restore disc and some of the 'modified' 10.4 discs (Kalyway, etc). I made the disc out of anger because Apple never made a retail Intel Tiger disc. So I made this one so I could finally use it on any Intel machine I come across that may need it.

I think that it turned out great I only wish I knew how to slipstream updates because I would have updated it to 10.4.11. Anyway, this is what I will be using to test with, although I doubt it will make much difference seeing how nothing was modified for the netbook itself. I wanted to keep the disc as close to original as possible.

EDIT #2: Ok, I think I may have found the issue here. As mentioned, the booting process seems to halt right after determining the boot volume. (I usually use USB to avoid messing up my current HDD installs of SL and Win7) I can say that it really doesn't matter if it is installed on a USB HDD, USB thumb drive or on the Internal HDD, the result is ALWAYS the same.

So, I was thinking well maybe it'll give me an error or something if I just eject my USB drive before or during its access to whatever its trying to boot when it hangs. So I eject the drive before...that led to pretty much nothing, it just resumed its boot once I plugged it back in. Then I waited till it tried to access the drive then ejected it, it came back this time with an error (mind you this isn't exact):
Cannot find sbin/launchd looking for etc/mach_init.d instead
It has a few more error lines but to me they were pure gibberish. This showed me what the system was looking for which means maybe that whatever keeps causing the hang can be located within the files it was looking for. I'm sure if I open them with TextEdit or something they will show me directories to other potential things the system would boot next. Given this really still doesn't help me out because I wouldn't know what the hell these things did anyway.

I'm only keeping of track now because i'm hoping that maybe, yes MAYBE one of you GENIUSES will stop ignoring my posts like this and finally assist me or something. Anyway this is really all I have for the moment but it seems like it might be a start to something maybe.

While i'm on it, Does anyone know any boot flags I can use that may help out some more? i know the cpus=1 flag but it really doesn't do anything and the help file with Chameleon doesn't list of everything as far as I remember. Any help at all would be REALLY appreciated!

Anyway i'm gonna keep trying and maybe i'll get somewhere eventually. DAMN MINI!!! MUST...BOOT...TIGER...
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Default 10-29-2009, 01:17 PM

Historically significant and currently relevant aren't always the same.

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Default 10-29-2009, 04:45 PM

Originally Posted by Akki View Post
Historically significant and currently relevant aren't always the same.
Tiger was a fine system anyway, and many recent entertainment softwares ( the latest itunes, safari 4, etc) run with no problems. It shouldn't require too much power from small netbooks...

I tried too, when about 2 weeks ago my faithful ibook (7 years old !) died of logic board failure. I dismantled it, recovered the HDD and now have it mounted in an enclosure as an external drive. I coud recover files I needed, but when I tried booting it from my mini 9 I had the same result as you. Unfortunately I'm not computer-literate enough to solve your problem, but I'd love to know if there is a solution. Have you tried asking at InsanelyMac ?

EDIT : a VERY stupid question : did you try installing just as you would with NBM (ie creating a USB flash install and patching it with NetbookBootMaker) ?

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Default 10-29-2009, 07:57 PM

One reason why no one is working on Tiger is because it is just plain outdated. I have yet to see anyone give a valid reason why Tiger is so special. It's like me trying to install MS-DOS 5.0 from floppy disks because it was such a great version of DOS (I can't verify that, just an example.)

Also, Tiger has never been released to retail for Intel machines. MyDellMini doesn't allow discussion of illegal distributions or using OEM discs, no matter what you believe about the EULA situation.

You can hate me if you want, but this thread is going to be closed and moved.

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