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Crisu Crisu is offline
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Default 09-22-2009, 12:25 AM

I had the same problem like you, Hilbe.
Running netbookinstaller after booting from USB worked for me.

I think booting 10.6 is 20-30 seconds slower than 10.5.8

Here is the thread to this issue:
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chris_lowe2 chris_lowe2 is offline
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Default Thanks Works GREAT - 09-22-2009, 12:43 AM

Just installed on my mini 9 and sound is working. Already had sleep, Runcore 32GB SSD.

One quick question, I might have missed this somehow;
On Leopard, the built in mic worked, but since SL, that has been gone. Didn't matter when I didn't have sound, but now that I do have sound, does that work, and I just missed it?

Other wise, THX for all of the hard work. Donations are on the way.

Dell Mini 9, 32GB Runcore SSD, 2 GB Ram
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humph1 humph1 is offline
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Default 09-22-2009, 12:44 AM

Originally Posted by elq View Post
wanna try but i'm not clear on how to delete the voodoohda
humbly requesting directions on how to please kind sir
Yes this would be most helpful!!
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classclo classclo is offline
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Default 09-22-2009, 12:51 AM

Many thanks to melkort

The new trackpad driver is so much better; the old one skipped around, never responded to my touch, and had no two finger scrolling whereas this has addressed all of those issues

Boot times for Snow Leopard are still considerably slower than 10.5.8 but that's a minor issue.
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tehjord tehjord is offline
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Default 09-22-2009, 12:54 AM

Here are my specs,
dell mini 9
16gb default dell drive
bios a05
wake on usb - disabled
usb legacy disabled after install

So, I had leopard 10.5.7 working perfectly before, I restored my snow leopard dvd to an external hard drive and then patched my external hd using netbookmaker .8.3

Install went flawlessly, then my computer rebooted and I now end up with a black screen with the info:

boot0: gpt
boot0: testing
boot0: testing
boot0: error_ (with a flashing _ after error)

Anyone else has this?
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baronvonbadguy baronvonbadguy is offline
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Default 09-22-2009, 01:05 AM

I have a 10.6.1 and win7 dualboot system going, but running .8.3 seems to have broken both. I was using easyBCD to boot to either, and quiet boot turned on for when I loaded my os x partition through easyBCD. I'm thinking I may have to try and boot back into win7 and run easyBCD again to fix it? I'm getting some \NST\nst_mac.mbr error when I try to run os x and 0xc000000e when I try to boot win7.
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pinekirk pinekirk is offline
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Default 09-22-2009, 01:05 AM

well. that was interesting. after my last post, waiting for the install to complete with a minute to go -- the minute became more like 10 minutes. then boom! the computer shuts off! and then immediately RESTARTS!

because my flash drive is still in it, it starts the install again. this time, instead of choosing "erase/install" option, i chose the top option (install/repair). and off she goes ....

get to the last minute of the install again (and again it's more like 10 minutes) and suddenly ... i get the message A CLEAN INSTALL!!!!

press continue and she goes to reboot: grey screen ... then blue screen ... then LIFE!! SPACE, THE FINAL FRONTIER!!! INSTALLED!

i was on my way to a freinds (with a Macbook) who help me copy the OSXinstall DVD to my flash drive on him mac. i was going to revert to the old install to try to get it back up again, at least. while there try the "shift" key to safe mode again. i get the grey screen with grey hard drive icon. arrow down and somehow found the explanations about booting ........ and using "-x" to get into safe mode! so that what i was doing pressing -x!

low and behold -- she starts the reboot and there in the tiny middle of my tiny screen are the tiny red letters (inside the centered white box) "safe ...something".

i'm now back where i was before -- but this time knowing how to get into safe mode -- and i've launched the "MacOSXUpdCombo 10.5.7" app. i hope this was right.

that's where i am now. so maybe the install boot maker DOES work. we just had to learn how to coax it. the jury is still out, though isn't. not until it's all finished and running.

one thing is true, as of yet ... it takes a while to boot up with the spinning gears under the apple logo.

progress, anyway.

update: the Combo/Incremental install is done. successful. rebooting now. ....

oh great. screwed. went to start (darwin screen) and then restarted that again. now i'm left with shredded apple logo again. (and a pinwheel inthe corner whirling around. what does that mean? oh, it's the cursor. still whirling.

Mini 10v| Obs. Black| 1GB RAM| 160GB HDD| AO5| OSX 10.6.7
Mini 10v| Ice Blue| 2GB RAM| 160GB HDD| AO5| OSX 10.5.8
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elislider elislider is offline
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Default 09-22-2009, 01:06 AM

not sure if this has been mentioned, and its not anything critical, but theres a glaring typo on the screen where it says disable sleep and hibernation etc and it says "reconmended" which obviously should be "recommended"

thanks for an awesome app! i was getting so fed up with the trackpad but now im gonna test and see if this one is better (which it sounds like it is lightyears ahead, from peoples responses and from your blog post about W and Z values)

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deadlyvirus deadlyvirus is offline
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Default 09-22-2009, 01:19 AM

To the people wanting to get rid of VoodooHDA,
Go into System prefs and right click the VoodooHDA settings thinger and delete it.
Then go into Finder and search for VoodooHDA.kext and delete it. Then restart.

Thats what I did and it worked for me.
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utsava utsava is offline
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Default 09-22-2009, 01:19 AM

Is there a difinitive installation tutorial somewhere for a clean install of 10.6 with NBM/NBI 8.3? If not, someone should pit together clear, definitive instructions for us noobs.

development, meklort, nbi, nbm, netbookbootmaker, netbookinstaller, release candidate, testing

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