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Default Reset new post red notification upon log out - 01-30-2009, 11:22 PM

So just a suggestion:

In some of the other forums I belong to when you log in and there is a new post to a thread it is marked in a color. This forum marks the threads in RED when there is a new post.

However, sometimes I am not interested in all of the topics but no matter if I log in or out they are still denoted in RED. It is only until I click on that thread that the RED icon disappears.

What do you all think about when you log out, if you did not look at a thread it removes the RED denotation from the thread and only adds it if the there is a new post since the last time you logged in?

It is like having a clean desktop to me. I feel the urge to go and click on all of the threads just so that they are not RED anymore. Hope that made sense.
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Default Re: Reset new post red notification upon log out - 01-30-2009, 11:43 PM

I'm accustomed/adjusted to how it works; some forum software actually marks things as read when my session expires, so the auto-login that kicks in suddenly turns all the unread posts into read ones and I find that behaviour annoying (happens to me on vbulletin 3.6 fwiw).

So I prefer having the choice; anytime I want to click Mark All Read I can do so (whether I'm going to logout or not), whereas if I'm halfway through reading what I want to, but have to take a break, I can be sure when I come back the status here is still accurately reflected.

It is something that should be an option if implemented - the situation I mentioned that bugs me does not give me the choice on whether I want it to babysit the read status or not, it wouldn't matter to me how crazy its guesswork was if I wasn't forced into using it.
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