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Unhappy Fritzed my whole install, maybe my 64 gig SSD! - 06-12-2009, 06:36 PM

I was trying to create a complete backup of my entire SSD to an external USB HD.
Using some of the instructions in the forums, I was in the command line using the "DD" command. Since the instructions were rather vague on specific syntax, I had to modify it using my (VERY) limited knowledge of the disk/partition/directory structure on my SSD. During the numerous tries typing in the "dd" command, I accidentally reversed the "of" and "if" commands, and this wiped out my MBR. After trying to re-run the DellEFI installer with no success, I conceded I needed to re-install everything from scratch.

Not so fast!

I first tried to re-install Windows 7 RC-1 using my known-good USB flash-drive installer and its built-in partitioner - FAIL.
Then I tried running GPARTED from the bootable USB flash drive I had created - when I tried to delete/resize/erase any of the partitions, it would continuously FAIL.
Then I tried running OS-X's Disk Utility from my known-good USB flash drive installer, hoping to use D.U. to re-partition my SSD - FAIL AGAIN. D.U. could not work because it couldn't "unmount" the old OS-X partition.
So, I figured the only way I could re-partition/re-format my SSD was to use the original Dell Ubuntu 8.01 "restore" DVD that came with my Mini-9.
It runs through the following steps:
INSTALL..., found harddisk at /dev/sda...
Deleting Partition Table on /dev/sda...
Creating New Partition Table on /dev/sda...
Formatting /dev/sda2 w/ ext3...
Mounting Partitions...
Copying system files onto hard disk drive...
Copying system ROOT onto hard disk drive...
Writing Utility partition to /dev/sda1
Unmounting Partitions...
Install sucessfull...
During the re-boot process, (did this three times with no success) and on re-start, I get a boot error message:
"A disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

Lastly, I tried to use the Dell Ubuntu "NetBook Remix 9.04" installer, since it re-partitions the drive during install. At the point where it seems to have completed the partitioning process and begins the OS install, I get the following error message:
"Input/Output error during read on /dev/sda" (Retry/Ignore/Cancel)
(It says this at the step where the dialog box says "Installing System", it gets to 15% and says "Detecting File Systems", and then I get the error message above.)
Since SDA is the internal SSD, should I assume my SSD is TOAST?
I sure hope there's something besides buying another 64 Gig SSD that I can do....

Please help.........

-- Dell Mini 10v with 1 Gig RAM, 160 Gig HD, Running Dual-Boot - Mac OS-X 10.6.4 and Windows 7 Home Premium


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